Let Me Help (Zico Smut)


Zico smut where you’re chilling at his apartment and you think it’s a bit to early to have sex in your relationship, but he’s really horny so you end up giving him a blowjob


So i’m not the best at writing smut, but I tried.

-Admin A

Warnings: Oral, some language

Word Count: 782

Genre: Smut

Tonight was the first night that you were spending the night at Jiho’s place. You knew Jiho wouldn’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, although you couldn’t shake a nervous feeling. He had recently begged you to spend the night with him, even though it was only two months into the relationship. 


I’m ordering food, what do you want?


Hmmm, I want some (foods name).



Throwing a pair of shorts into your bag, you threw it over your shoulder. You grabbed a banana and left your apartment. Arriving at his home you knocked. All you heard was a frantic ‘come in’ You slowly peeled the door open. You saw Jiho walking out of his bedroom. He noticed you and smiled. 

“Hey (y/n).” He walked over and grabbed your bag. 

“Hi Jiho.” You smiled and walked over to the couch. 

“Already getting comfortable jagi?” He chuckled, you nodded.

He grabbed the food off the counter along with two pairs of chopsticks. He sat at the table and looked over to you.

“Are you gonna join me?” You placed your phone on the couch and quickly joined him.

“Thanks for dinner Ji.” He smiled.

“Anytime jagi. Also are you okay with watching a movie tonight?”

“Of course.” You two talked through dinner, laughing occasionally at his stories from working with Jay. You talked about your day too. You watched him as he stood and grabbed your dish.

“Jagi, go set up a movie.” He said as he began to clean the dishes. You quickly placed yourself on the couch and chose a movie. He came over and wrapped his arms around your shoulder. You placed your head onto his shoulder. Both of you shifted to become more comfortable. Trying to find a comfortable placement for your hands; your hand accidentally swept over his crotch. His breath hitched and you felt your face become heated from embarrassment. You tried to forget about the situation by focusing on the movie. But you couldn’t help but feel you set Jiho off. His grip subconsciously getting tighter around you. A few minutes had passed and you took a quick glance over at his crotch. You gulped at seeing the tent that was growing. You and Jiho had previously talked about how you didn’t like having sex early on in the relationship. He agreed and said he would wait until you felt comfortable. 

“Uh, Ji, would you like some help?” You voice shaky. He looked down and blushed. 

“You don’t need to do that jagi.” His words quickly fell from his mouth. You gulped.

“No Ji, let me help.” 

“O-Okay.” You pushed him into the couch forcing him to lean back. You quickly began playing with the buttons on his pants. You looked up and saw him biting his lip. When he started to unzip his jeans, he stood up and pulled them off. You began to palm him through his boxers. His lips were parted and his breath was trembling. Feeling him growing harder in your hand made you groan. His eyes were screwed shut and he his hands were desperately clinging onto the couch. You tugged on the waistband of his boxers, he quickly nodded in return. You dragged your finger across the waistband he whimpered.

“P-please don’t tease.” You bit your lip in response to his plea. You slowly dragged the cloth over his member. You began to stroke it, you watched as his eyes squeezed shut. As you continued he let out a breathy moan. It encouraged you to begin going faster. You licked the side of his member, he groaned and bucked his hips. A light plea escaped his mouth. You finally decided to give in. You then placed him in your mouth. You traced your tongue over the tip. He moaned loudly. You began to bob your head slowly, just to torment him. He’s so sexy when he’s like this. His hands flew to your hair when you sped up.

“F-fuck (y/n).” His fingers began to dig into your scalp. He unintentionally pushed your head all the down, causing you to gag and him to moan. 

“Ah, sorry (y/n).” You pulled you mouth off of his member.

“It’s fine Ji.” Your hands began pumping him as you licked his tip. He whimpered, you began bobbing your head up and down, and your hands moving in unison. His moans became breathier.

“Ah, (y/n) i’m s-so close.” With that you began moving faster. With a loud groan he came in your mouth. His legs trembled as you swiped your tongue across his sensitive tip. He pulled you up by your hair.

“I guess I owe you one know jagi.”

Hot In Here

Request: Can you do 8 and 3 with Zico please?! <3

8) You and your bias get stuck in an elevator.

3) You and your bias get caught in an awkward position by a member of their group.

Member: Block B’s Zico x Y/N x ft. Ukwon/Kyung

Type: Fluff

“Well…this is kind of hot.”

“If by hot you mean a sweltering, sweaty mess..than yes Jiho, it certainly is hot.”

We were on hour three of being stuck in this special kind of hell. 

Zico and I had put off going on our first date for what was probably months now. He was constantly working, which was a mild annoyance, but of course I understood. I had to. Every time I thought about giving up on him, he would do some simple aegyo to get back in my good graces and there we would be again, struggling through puppy love that hadn’t even had a chance to get started yet. 

We were on our way to dinner when the elevator teetered to a quick stop. We were both knocked to the ground as the emergency lights flickered on and an emergency help person was summoned. 

The first hour had been alright. We caught up on everything we had missed in each other’s lives for the past few weeks. Zico played me some songs from his phone he had worked on, and a few he said I had inspired. This was followed by several songs that just simply reminded him of me. There was casual cuddling, shy smiles, everything I had been hoping private time with him would include. 

The second hour grew more loopy, the elevator began to grow warm and our giggles were insufferable. 

But on this third hour, it was unbearably hot and we had both shed our coats and hats. 

“Let’s have a rap battle,”

“Jiho, no.


“I’ve said no at least twelve times,” I grumbled, trying not to move, afraid that sweat would begin to gather and slide down my skin. 

“Elevator, my motivator, my girl and this heat, she looking fine, tasting sweet,” he began, moving his arms lazily. 

“You are so extra,” I groaned. 

“You chose me,” he sighed, now completely laying out on the floor of the elevator. “Hey babe! Theres a cold patch right here! Slide over.”

I groaned, sliding closer to him and laying on the elevator floor. 

“It feels just as hot as it did over there,” I mumbled, closing my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at the elevator’s emergency lights. 

“Take of that t shirt you have layered, you probably can’t feel it,” Zico nodded. He had popped off his shoes and socks. 

I sat up and pulled off my t shirt, leaving only my tank top on. I leaned back down, just as disappointed as before. 

“I think you’re just trying to get me naked,” I mumbled. 

“If I wanted to see you naked, I would just ask,” he smiled with a wink. He sat up and pulled off his own shirt, laying on the floor in his tank top undershirt. 

“I’m roasting in my skin Jiho,” I sighed, near tears, but afraid if I cried I would lose the valuable water in my body. 

“Babe,” Zico cooed, springing up and shooting a concerned glance at me. “You have to take off your jeans. I’m really not trying to be perverted, but you’ll feel so much better.”

I looked at him, no sign of the mischievous boy I normally saw who wanted to play a joke on me, but a concerned date. 

“I’ll do it too if it would make you feel less awkward…” Zico began. “I’ll do it too?”

“Okay,” I sighed. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off, crumpling them in the corner of the elevator with the rest of my clothes. I immediately felt a sense of relief as air hit my bare legs. I moaned again, completely ecstatic with the sudden development. 

ZIco gave a shy smile as he stood, sliding his jeans off as well. His face immediately relaxed as the air hit his boxer clad legs. “Oh thank god,” he whispered. 

He looked down to me, the concerned face now switching to that mischievous glint I had noticed as missing before. 

“Hello Kitty?” he chuckled, looking over my underwear. 

In my desperate need to let heat escape my body, I had completely neglected to remember that I had put on Hello Kitty underwear before getting ready. 

“Unfortunately,” I winced.

“Don’t you know Hello Kitty is my weakness?” he growled, sitting on the floor and placing his hand on my cheek, pulling my face closer to his. 

“I think the heat is making you crazy,” I whispered, completely intoxicated by his closeness. 

“I think I was crazy before I got in here,” he replied, kissing me lightly. “But you chose to be around me, so really who’s the crazy one?” 

I leaned forward, kissing him softly. The problem with Zico was that I could literally just get drunk off of his lips. He was so enticing, and his aura so encasing that nothing around me mattered when his lips were on mine. When his skin touched my skin, whether sweaty or not. 

That could be why we didn’t notice when the elevator began to move. 

Or when the doors slid open on the same floor as Block B’s studio. 

“Subtle,” Ukwon’s voice clucked from the doorway. Zico and I detached from each other to see Ukwon and Kyung standing in the elevator doors surrounded by firefighters. Kyung’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates and his jaw dropped. 

Both Zico and I sprung up, grabbing our clothes and huddling on opposite sides of the elevator. 

“But it was so hot!” Zico gasped. 

“Sure it was,” Ukwon continued, smiling broadly. “I think the heat may have been made internally though.”

“I am appalled,” Kyung sighed, shaking his head and turning on his heel. 

“Jealousy is a disease,” Ukwon called, following Kyung. “Get well soon Kyung.”

Zico and I looked at each other, completely embarrassed by the situation and his members. We both pulled our jeans on and slipped on our shoes.

“Well…he wasn’t necessarily wrong,” Zico hummed with a smirk. He took my hand in his, stroking my skin with his thumb. 

“I know, Kyung was so jealous!” I giggled, winking at him as we finally emerged from the elevator. 

He rolled his eyes, pushing a quick kiss onto my temple. “Or about how hot we are…but okay.”

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How would Jay Park,DΞΔN,Zico introduce a black girl to their family

I hope you enjoy

Jay Park

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I think Jay would be calm when introducing a black girl to his family. He would be excited for her to meet the family. I mean the boy’s from Seattle, so his family most likely see black people on  a daily. He’d be nervous bringing a girl home in general. If you meet his family, you must be a special lady.


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Let’s be honest, he would be a nervous reck. He probably hasn’t brought a girl home in his life (who knows). He’d stutter so much that no one would be able to understand what he was saying. You would have to calm him down instead of him calming you down. (This little cutie)


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This ball of fluff and energy would be so excited that the girl of his dreams would meet his family. He’d be worried about how they would react to you being black. His family would be surprised, but they would let it go, seeing as how happy their son was. His brother would probably have to hit him in the head for acting like a crazy person since he was so excited. (I love their relationship. It reminds me of my two older brothers and I)

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I’m very sorry if this was bad. This is my first gif reaction.