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Could you write something angsty?? uncle yunho au

Sometimes, even a year after everything happened, Yunho would wake up in the middle of the night and feel the need to go check on Taemin and make sure he was alright. He almost always was; Taemin was usually either fast asleep or hastily pulling the covers over his head to hide the fact that he was texting or playing some game on his phone when he was supposed to be sleeping. Yunho would always knock softly on the door and give Taemin plenty of time to tell him to go away, but if he didn’t say anything or mumbled for him to come inside, Yunho would peek through the crack in the door.

Sometimes, though, Yunho would wake up to the sound of Taemin letting out a strangled cry or calling for him. Even after a year, Taemin was still having nightmares, and Yunho would run to him as fast as he could.

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