I don’t think some fans understand the power of their voice. “Xiumin’s such a cute little fattie!” *Xiumin becomes extremely thin during his comeback and admits that he barely eats even when he has a rigorous schedule* “Kai and Taemin are so dark!” *SM tries to lighten the hell out of their skin and even turn them blonde, and everyone takes a freaking turn making fun of how “dark” they are.* Same with all the females in kpop. Be careful of what you say. It DOES take a toll on others.
The Love You Gave Me (Xiumin) - Miracles In December Series

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Xiuminnie’s time~!

For some reason, this didn’t post earlier, so here it is. It’s a couple hours late, but it’s still the same day in my country, so it’s not all bad.

Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree, at the Christmas party hop. 

There’s nothing quite like decorating the Christmas tree. If it isn’t fighting over the baubles or tangling each other in the fairy lights, then it’s the jovial strangling of one another with tinsel.

This year, however, Minseok is incredibly calm, gently wrapping the tree in lights, twirling around the branches.

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