“In 2010, the Untouchable hyungs that I’ve always known and was close with told a representative of our current label about me and when I was contacted by them for the first time, they said they wanted to make a hip hop idol group. I was shocked in hearing the term “idol.” I hesitated a lot at the time and I thought that if I was classified under an idol group, it would mean that the spectrum of music I was able to put out was limited. However, they told me, “If you come into this group, you’ll be able to live out your dreams” and that’s how they convinced me. After hearing about the members, I thought, “If I just work harder, it can be a good group.” So I told them I’d do it.”

Without you, B.A.P would not have existed, nor would the fandom.

Thank you for making the decision to become the leader of B.A.P. You are an incredible person and you’ve definitely earned all the respect you deserve. You’re caring, polite, responsible and of course, utterly adorable.

From Jepp to Bang, you’ve encountered numerous hardships and obstacles, but you’ve never failed to impress us with your capabilities of accomplishing the duties of the perfect leader.

You are truly amazing, so please don’t forget that you, along with B.A.P, will always have our support.

Thank you for being 1/6 of B.A.P.

Thank you for doing what you love and loving what you do.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for existing.

It’s you who makes B.A.P, the Best Absolute Perfect group.

"We're B.A.P, Yessir!"

Happy Birthday, Bang Yongguk!

방용국、생일 축하 해요! ♥