apparently dino n hoshi were at a food court n basically got chased out of the mall by some fans in chicago. like ur honestly not cute for doing that. just straight up annoying n rude! they had a 13 hour flight n just wanna chill. hav some fucking sympathy n respect.                                  

the respect that was shown at the airport should be the same everywhere else. please don’t forget that.

no offense but the one thing i knew was that the girl was gonna get hit, the minute she looked up at him and their eyes met? bitch ive seen this in 305 Spanish soap-operas I KNEW IT WAS COMING BUT IT STILL HURT BITCH IT STILL HURT

I wanted to tell them that I’d never had a friend, not ever, not a real one. Until Dante. I wanted to tell them that I never knew that people like Dante existed in the world, people who looked at the stars, and knew the mysteries of water, and knew enough to know that birds belonged to the heavens and weren’t meant to be shot down from their graceful flights by mean and stupid boys. I wanted to tell them that he had changed my life and that I would never be the same, not ever. And that somehow it felt like it was Dante who had saved my life and not the other way around. I wanted to tell them that he was the first human being aside from my mother who had ever made me want to talk about the things that scared me. I wanted to tell them so many things and yet I didn’t have the words. So I just stupidly repeated myself. “Dante’s my friend.”

Rats, we’re rats, we’re the rats. We play at night, we stalk at night, we’re the rats. I’m da giant rat who makes all of the rules! Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into…