Reigning Champions; Part Four

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday ho! This is set during/after Survivor Series, as I’m sure you all know. Tagging @tox-moxley, @hardcorewwetrash and @oraclegazes, as is my custom. Enjoy!

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Short Kenny Omega Drabble

I want to do a short little idea I’ve had bouncing in my head…and you can’t stop me so…here have some word vomit, straight from my brain to your dashboard.

“Yay! Bed!” You groan as you follow Kenny into your shared room for the night.

You drop your bags on the ground beside your bed and quickly pull your shirt over your head, and kick your shoes and pants off, falling face-first dramatically into the soft pillow top.

You didn’t care that your long time friend and current Roomie had a full view of your barely-covered-by-your-boy-shorts ass, or that your bra was clearly visiable through your white sheer tank top.

Besides, it wasn’t like Kenny was Intrested in you anyway.

“Tired?” His deep, gravely voice sounds from behind you, a low chuckle resonating in his throat.

“My back hurts.” You shift uncomfortably in the bed, resting your forehead on your arms as you remain on your stomach.

“Where?” He asks, dropping his bags by the bed beside you.

“My lower back.” You groan, pointing to the area quickly the pulling your arm back, resting your head on it once more.

“Here?” You can’t help the moan the escapes your lips at Kenny’s sudden touch, his fingers gripping your lower back and hips, his thumb pushing hard circles into the tender flesh.

“Oooh, oh my god, Kenny.” You whimper as he settles on the bed behind you, hovering over you, one knee on either side of your legs.

“Does it feel good sweetheart?” He asks, his voice low and husky as he continues to push slow circles into your back, his hands moving deftly up your back, lifting your shirt with them.

“Kenny, please don’t stop, it feels so good.” You pur, pushing up slightly at his touch.

“I’m going sit on your butt ok?” He asks, a smile on his lips.

“Anything you want just please, don’t stop!” You beg him. His rough hands felt amazing on your skin, pushing and pulling your muscles.

“Well, in that case…” He growls, and you gasp as he rests his body just under your ass, his crouch pressing into you from behind.

Heat flooded your core, a damp need building in you as you felt his erection hardening against you.

“Kenny..” You whimper, pressing back into him, lifting your head to look back at him.

He was grinning, his eyes on your face as he pressed harder into your lower back, his cock rubbing against you through your thin panties and his ring gear.

“Oh! Please!” Your eyes roll back a little in your head and he grins, his eyes darkening.

“Please what?” He teases, rolling his hips slightly so he grinds his hard cock against your dripping core.

“Kenny, please, fuck me.” You beg, your face turning red as you speak.

“If your back hurts now….” He laughs, sliding back and hooking your panties on the way, dragging them down your body and throwing them on the ground.

“It is DEFINITELY, going to hurt when I’m through with you baby.” He finishes, climbing over you, his fingers gripping your hips and guiding them up so you were on your knees in front of him.

“Oh fuck! Kenny!” You moan as the tip of his cock finds your pussy, pushing into you hard.

Ring Psychology is always a good thing to understand if you like wrestling, and more so if you work in the industry. It’s a nebulous thing in some ways, but even the most elementary of strategies, as long as it works well with the fans, will carry you over and make your matches all the more interesting.

Let’s use Hulk Hogan for example. I personally don’t like his style too much, but, BUT, Hogan had excellent ring psychology. What he lacked in interesting moves (his repertoire of moves is very basic), he made up with showmanship and making his moves look iconic. His moves mostly consisted of body slams, big boots, elbow drops, lariats, what have you, but he put up a show with each and every one of them. Whenever he used a move, you could see the guy put his whole soul and energy behind them, even behind a simple knee drop or body press, and that enthusiasm is essential, the fans see it, the fans love it. And what I mean by showmanship is that whenever Hulk was on the receiving end of a beat down, the guy looked absolutely miserable. You believed the guy was getting the stuffing beat out of him! He WAS getting pummeled, he was suffering, he sold the acting so well! That’s basic ring psych, but very effective, and just that made him a big sensation: His matches were FUN.

The energy and life you put behind each move is so important. It’s why Ric Flair, an old dude that can barely move, could get in the ring and deliver fun matches even so far into his life. He’s not the muscular Buddy Rogers he was in his youth anymore, but he still puts a shitload of enthusiasm into his Figure Four Leg Lock, into his dumb little “WHOOOO”s, his dance and his chops, and looks like a dominant tyrant when he’s winning, and looks like a poor damn ragged sock puppet when he’s getting destroyed. It all counts.

In contrast, half of Mick Foley’s career was getting fucking pulverized in the ring. His ring psych was different: He was a relatable homely dude, the underdog, the guy you wanted to see triumph, he went out there in a white shirt, black tie, pants, and his Mankind mask, and he was doing jumps and chops and flying moves and high risk moves and he just went on and on, he got pummeled (for realsies many times) and he got up and still continued. Whether he lost or won didn’t matter, Mankind ALWAYS delivered amazing matches, and that MADE YOU WANT TO SEE HIM WIN. 

I could talk about many more old school legends like Undertaker or Kane or Shawn Michaels (my personal favorite wrestler), but like, newer talent also has that. Not an WWE example, but Pentagon Jr. sells you a DESPICABLE villain who uses smart, brutal moves on the ring, and Sexy Star both does incredibly beautiful moves and sells it really good when she’s getting destroyed. Kevin Owens’ character is all about looking for profit, but he’s a ring technician who, if you notice, mostly targets the same area over and over, which is VERY IMPORTANT because obviously if he keeps attacking the same area, he’ll do a lot of damage (such as in the Owens vs Ryback match for the Intercontinental Title, where Owens kept attacking Ryback’s right arm and damaged it so much that he couldn’t do his finisher on Owens when the chance presented itself!), so it’s all these little things, these IMPORTANT things, that add up and make the difference between a fan saying “this is just two dudes playfighting” and “these two athletes are giving me an incredible show”.