So I’m trying to figure out who Wes’s mom should be. I mean come oooon We know this guy 

Walter Weston (source of where picture came from also) is Wes’s dad but his wife is known known about. 

I like the concept that he is divorced and in a relationship (like low brow you know there’s tension, but it’s like the moment of should he or should he not sorta thing) so expanding on it.

 I like the idea that divorced wife is a workaholic that “tries” to be in Wes’s life more, but makes herself so busy or she reschedules things that she strains her relationship with her son further.

My goal is to make Wes’s family. Draw it out that is. Not something like “YOU ALL MUST FOLLOW MY CONCEPT!” No…don;t… my twisted little mind. I’m just having fun here XD

But considering this is the source of Wes… maybe you guys could maybe help me figure this out? 

Raise your hand if you think Danny would be super worried about everyone believing Wes at first almost to the point where he’s scared of the ginger. He constantly avoids Wes and becomes a little pale and shaky whenever Wes goes on one of his tangents. But after people start laughing at Wes for suggesting Fenton is Phantom, Danny gets super nonchalant and starts messing with Wes. Wes is infuriated because Danny is freaking TOYING with him—letting his eyes flash green and winking, forming little ice crystals in his hand, walking through Wes when he gets tired of him—and no one else is ever around to see this happen.  Everyone thinks Wes has gone off the rails and treats him like a total basket case, when in reality Wes is right. And Danny just stands to the side, laughing.