‘There are no second acts in American lives.’ Who said it? … Yes. But F. Scott should’ve brushed up on his neuroscience, because there can be a second act for the brain. Devastated by injury, the brains of ordinary people can develop amazing new skills, a second act, if you will, known as ‘acquired savant syndrome.’ A high school dropout is savagely attacked; he awakens able to draw mathematically accurate fractals by hand. After a stroke, a doctor with no previous interest in art becomes a gifted painter, whose work adorns gallery walls and magazine pages. So, if our brains can have a second act, why not our lives? Broken lives can be healed… justice can finally prevail… damaged relationships repaired… sins can be forgiven… and wrongs can be righted. In our lives, as in our brains, we all deserve a second chance. We just have to be brave enough to seize it.
—  Dr. Daniel Pierce, “Perception” [S2E10 - “Warrior”]

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