So there’s a voting ballot going up for what character you’d like to see as downloadable content in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. I think this might be one of the only chances we can have to really tell Nintendo to push Vivian in their games and not let her just disappear as a character from just one side game. She’s possibly one of the few if not the only somewhat positive and kind-hearted representation of a transgender girl in a mainstream game title, and even then her status of being transgender was erased from several localizations. She’s shy, cute, and pretty different and unique of a character in the franchise. Even considering her as a solid shot at actually being a Smash Bros character she could be a very unique and interesting fighter. Consider voting for her especially if you don’t have any strong feelings about this poll or if you’re thinking of just wasting your vote on a joke or on something you don’t really believe in. I know she’ll probably not be able to get in, realistically, my main goal is not to have her in Smash (though that would be really great!!), but to make Nintendo notice her and her popularity and importance to a lot of us.

Here’s where you can vote

The artwork of Vivian on that tweet was made by me.

EDIT: the poll asks what game the character you’re voting is from. In case you aren’t sure what to fill, fill it with “Paper Mario”, or, ideally, her specific game in that franchise, “Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door”


More of my Entervoid.com character Vivian River with her boyfriend, an anthropomorphic wolf named Flip. 

Flip started out as a gag npc character in someone else’s comic on the website, and on a whim I decided to to co-opt with their permission to make him into Vivian’s boyfriend. Since she’s much more egotistical and aggressive he’s a bit of a balance by being much more relaxed and easy-going. Most of the time she doesn’t even realize how much he goes out of the way for her due to how much he truly loves her deep down. 

But overall I think the two do really have good chemistry and they get along fine together. They show their love in different ways on different levels sometimes but they both genuinely care for one another. 

Entervoid.com, the comic battle site that she’s a part of can be found here!

Sweet Dreams
  • Arthur:I need to assert my dominance as a man.
  • Morgana:Don't. Ever. Say. That. To. Any. Girl. Ever.
  • Arthur:Too late.
  • -
  • -
  • Arthur:You know what! I don't have to sit here and take this from you ladies! I'm going to Merlin's. The man cave. Where guys can be guys.
  • -

For a couples of years back near the end of college and a year out of it I was heavily involved in a website called Entervoid.com. It’s basically a free-battle website where you make a character and challenge others to one-on-one drawn comic battles in the fictional location of “Void City”. Members vote on both comics and a winner emerges, with rankings, awards, ect. 

I’ve been wanting to get back to it for a long time but I have so many things on my plate it’s hard to even find the time to think about doing such a thing. Never the less I wanted to draw an updated design sheet of my character: Vivian River. She’s the owner and CEO of the Void Radio Corporation and a self-made entertainment/media mogul of sorts. 

She gets various random powers based on whatever song she’s listening to. 

Go give Void a look! It’s great for practice, experimentation, and skill-sharpening and after every bout people give you feedback/critique in the comments!



some concept / background stuff from my film that i compiled for my portfolio this year. thanks to everyone for being so supportive - only one month until films are due! eek!

see y’all on the other side…. hopefully :)