• (...)
  • Ele:Mas me conta, como anda seu coração?
  • Ela:Que coração? Eu não tenho um coração (Não mais, pensou ela)
  • Ele:Como não? O que aconteceu com ele?
  • Ela:Ele levou embora...Ele não sabe que levou, ele não sabe que doí, ele não sabe que eu amo ele. Se ele soubesse..
  • Ele:E porque você não conta pra ele em vez de ficar sofrendo?
  • Ela:Ele não entenderia, ele fala comigo mas sou uma pessoa que não faria diferença na vida dele.
  • Ele:Tente.
  • Ela:Você pode devolver meu coração?
  • Ele:Não.
  • Ela:... Eu diss-
  • Ele:Não, eu vou ficar com seu coração e cuidar dele. Quer ficar com o meu?
Thanh xuân vĩnh hằng là do sẽ mất đi. Có những thứ nhất định phải đánh mất, dù đánh mất cũng không phải là điều bất hạnh. Trịnh Vi yêu Trần Hiếu Chính, cuối cùng gả cho Lâm Tĩnh. Là vì cô tình nguyện thua cuộc, là vì khi tàn cuộc thanh xuân, bạn sẽ phát hiện, tình yêu mãnh liệt suốt đời ôm ấp trong lòng cũng không sánh bằng một bờ vai có thể nương tựa.

_Tân Di Ổ_

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Fim de semana, sei lá, vou viajar, vou me embalar, vou dar uma festa, vou tocar um puteiro, eu vou te esquecer nem que for só por uma noite
—  Chorão

Why I Love Toronto

The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival Celebrity Spotting Guide


Celebrities love arts and culture and with an exhibit by renowned contemporary artist Ai Weiwei, you can bet your dollar some of the stars will be there on their spare time.

The Annex.

This is only for Rachel McAdams fans. Last year Rachel McAdams had a place in the Annex and many people were lucky enough to see her on the waterfront working out, on the TTC or at Ikea. I am unaware of whether or not she still owns a property in the area, but if she does maybe she’ll come home and attend some TIFF events.

Brassaii or Weslodge

These two popular eateries on King Street West are relatively close to the TIFF Bell Lightbox where the celebrities will be attending most of their press conferences. Contrary to what you may read in the tabloids, celebrities do need to eat, so checking out really any eatery on King Street West is a pretty good bet.

The Drake Sky Yard

This is most likely the farthest west you’ll need to go celebrity watching. The Drake Sky Yard is one of my top patios in the city. It is a great place to party, drink and eat. I always have a great time at The Drake Hotel and enjoy its awesome decor.

The Hazelton Hotel

This is a celebrity hotspot and there is guaranteed to be a swarm of people standing in front of the door, parking garage and across the street waiting for celebrities to either walk, drive or pop there head out the window. Madonna, U2, Justin Bieber and a number of celebrities have stayed in this upscale Yorkville hotel.

Holt Renfrew and Yorkville

Even though everyone is moving south for most TIFF events, celebrities still choose to shop in Yorkville.

Holt Renfrew is your best bet to see a celebrity, but my former boss Lariza has told me that her H&M location on Bloor Street has seen its fair share of celebrities walk through the doors.

Plus with a new Louis Vuitton and Tiffany’s at Avenue and Bloor the stars are sure to be out dropping a couple of thousand.

Hudson`s Bay on Queen Street

Hudson’s Bay may be the new place to shop especially it’s Queen Street location. With the largest shoe store in Canada, The Room, its signature HBC collection - which would make a great souvenir from Canada - as well as the fact they are bidding for American retail icon Saks, Hudson’s Bay could attract the stars.

Ritz Carlton, Park Hyatt, Fairmont Royal York, Intercontinental and King Edward Hotel

Hotels are your best bet. Stand outside and you never know who may sneak out or look out a window.

Roy Thompson Hall

The ultimate celebrity hotspot! This is where the huge gala events happen and where I met Clare Danes, when I attended a viewing of her film Stage Beauty. I have also seen Brangelina (and the rest of the Moneyball cast) as well as Bill Murray and Laura Linney!


Ryerson University is one of my favourite spots to see celebrities. I feel as though there red carpet is very intimate and out of the way from most of the TIFF traffic that you have a better chance to get up close and personal with the stars.

I went to the premiere of the film Drive with Ryan Gosling and had a blast. I got so close to Ryan that he responded to me when I told him I liked his blazer. Also the resident living students tend to hover around the Ryerson Theatre during TIFF, bringing chairs for not only themselves to stand on, but for others as well. Plus many of them are on a Frosh Week hangover and still have that frosh spirit in them. No wonder they all broke out into the Breaker High theme song at the Drive premiere.


Sassafraz is basically the hottest spot for celebrities to eat in Toronto and has seen the likes of Matt Damon and the Cyrus family. If it is warm outside the windows may be open and you may be able to get a peek of a celebrity.

Spin!, The Ballroom, Rivoli

These three places host the best leisurely activities around. Spin! is a popular glow in the dark ping pong bar that is right on King Street West making it close for celebrities to come after a film premiere. The Ballroom has what I would call elegant bowling and the Rivoli has such a cool atmosphere that it is sure to attract some sort of celebrity during TIFF.

Starbucks on Bloor Street West or Hazelton

These two locations are always populated by celebrities, because what celebrity knows the Tim Horton’s brand (other than our homegrown talent). You never know, that guy who may look like Johnny Depp in line may in fact be Johnny Depp trying to be a normal person.

Sweaty Betty’s

This quiet little hipster bar on the Ossington strip is were Drew Barrymore played bartender after her Whip It premiere. There have also been reports that Johnny Depp has stopped by the bar. However, others say he went to Betty’s (a Bar on King East).

Thompson Hotel

I went to a party here the first night of TIFF 2012 with the plan to head up to the rooftop patio which is known for its spectacular view and pool. However, there is a slim chance of you getting up to the rooftop patio during TIFF. My chances that night were non-existent as the patio was booked for a private party hosted by Harvey Weinstein whose film Silver Linings Playbook debuted last year at TIFF. I got comfort in knowing the beautifully awkward and amazing Jennifer Lawrence and my man crush Bradley Cooper were partying just above me - win! I ended up partying at the 1812 lounge which is also known for its celebrity appearances. Sadly that night it was all about Mr. Weinstien’s party.

TIFF Bell Lightbox

This is festival headquarters. It is almost guaranteed to see a celebrity here.

Uniun nightclub

This club has been the site of local Canadian award ceremonies and has hosted a few celebrities from the cast of Nikita (Shane West mostly) and most recently Justin Bieber. Plus it’s just a few blocks down from the TIFF Bell Lightbox and is really secluded.

University of Toronto

Celebrities always film movies at U of T because it has some of the most stunning architecture in Toronto. My friend Sanjana saw Colin Firth sitting on a park bench at the campus and the celebrities staying at the Intercontinental Hotel sometime take a stroll down Philosophers Walk.