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can i get a leo fluff, maybe a fluff about his frustration that he cannot express himself, here comes the angst if you wish xD i would love to have it super sweet, and maybe like LeeJongSuk in Pinocchio kind of scenes? Heh, am I asking for too much? I just want a Leo fluff, something that makes me go "ASSDDGSJAKLALAKANAJALLJSJANjvzbJ" ๐Ÿ˜

first off, I just want to say that I haven’t seen Pinocchio yet so I’m not sure how Lee JongSuk’s character is. nevertheless, I hope you like it :)

You smiled before throwing your arms around his broad shoulders, snuggling into his chest contently. If another was watching the two of you, they’d be a bit suspicious seeing the way TaekWoon was so tense in your embrace, but to you it was something you were used to. There was nothing wrong, it just was the way he was and you learned how to respect and accept that part of him. Being raised by a father who was in the military wasn’t exactly something easy and it was a big part of why TaekWoon was the way he was now. Everyone you knew called him stoic, and emotionless but you knew more. You knew better.

Your happy and grateful thoughts were interrupted when TaekWoon’s hands suddenly rested on your waist. A smile made its way onto your lips before you were suddenly gently pushed away. Confusion filled your eyes as you looked up at TaekWoon.

He avoided your eye contact, like always, and pulled his hands back, muttering a small ‘sorry’.

“What’s wrong?” You asked him quietly as you observed his expression. You were quite an expert at reading people’s emotions through their facial expressions now, seeing how much time you had hanging around TaekWoon. But even so, there were times when you couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. Now was one of those times.

“I..It..It’s nothing… I mean… uh… “ You watched worriedly as he stumbled over his words, seeming as if he were having a nervous breakdown.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. What’s wrong?” You quickly shushed him as you carefully grabbed his hand.

“No, I need to.. I…”

Silence quickly filled the air as he bit his bottom lip and stared off into the distance.

“TaekWoon,” you quickly broke the silence as you stared at him intently, “you’re scaring me.”

He immediately looked at you before his eyes glazed over.

“I’m just worried,” you automatically explained before he could apologize and leave. “You never act like this.”

He sighed before taking a step back, pulling his hand from your grasp. You tried to hide the hurt from showing in your eyes as you looked at him, feeling extremely dejected. You noticed his hands clenching and unclenching at his hands as he continued to gnaw on his bottom lip. Silence filled the air as he stood in front of you motionlessly while you quietly observed his expression. A thought suddenly clicked in your mind and you took him by surprise, enveloping your arms around his long torso. You snuggled into his chest before tightening your grip on him before he could pry you off.

“I’m sorry,” you quickly breathed, surprising him again. “You shouldn’t force yourself to do anything for me, and I should have made that clear with you from the start. I’m sorry for…”

“No.” He immediately cut you off, “I should be the one who’s sorry. I don’t feel forced doing anything for you, I would never. I just wish that I could give you as much affection as others could…”

You looked up at him before smiling widely.

“TaekWoon,” you sighed, “you do enough amazing things for me. Especially when you think that I don’t see you or know what you’ve done. All the little things add up to be big.”

With that, you pushed yourself onto your tip toes and gently pressed your lips against his. You felt a sigh of relief escape his lips before he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, his fingertips gently pressing into your waist.

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