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Julia Jacklin - “Patience”

SXSW 2016 - OEB Score: 7; Popularity Index: 2

Pairs Well With…Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Jessica Lea Mayfield

Julia Jacklin has a mesmerizing sound in the right time and place, a subtle artist that captures with the simple things - a voice and a song.  Jacklin switches between electric and acoustic on her introductory singles released over the last year or so, gently picking melodies or letting the slight feedback of her guitar ring with honesty and modesty.  There aren’t many deviations, but none are really needed - Jacklin’s style is bare and direct rather than sonically adventurous.  The biggest factor musically is Julia Jacklin’s sweet, well-ranged vocals.  She has an ability to power with a whisper, though it’s a whisper that is naturally textured.  While Jacklin’s music is noticeably relaxing, there a good deal to be taken out of a performance that is so naked, especially among the waves of sound all of our ears will be experiencing day over day at SXSW.

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