Happy Tree-mendous Tuesday, everbody! :) by Paulina Jackiewicz

It pisses me off how Sunny gets no shine (no pun intended). Yeah, she has her variety shows, but that isn’t the same, and doesn’t get promoted like musical activities. She’s the third best singer right after Taeyeon and Seohyun (I have receipts) but gets almost no recognition for it. She’s one of the most unique looking and has a unique voice. People say she doesn’t care about SNSD anymore, but maybe it’s because she doesn’t get any spotlight. So, what’s the point?


The fiery, red-haired girl, Sunny, poses for pictures while leaning against a tree. Much like her hair color, Sunny’s feet also attracts a lot of attention. Instead of tasting spicy, however, they’re laden with the salty flavor of her sweat having been out in the sun all day.