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Hi I just found your account and I'm in love~ Could I request an idol ship? I'm a shorty (I'm 5 ft. 3) with shaved hair (like I'm not bald but I have some hair). I love listening to music and playing video games. I've been in multiple choirs since the age of 8 (I'm 18 now and aren't apart of any) . I draw as well. I would say I'm an introvert but with others that I'm close with I'm super excitable and energetic. I love to laugh and have fun with friends. Currently on my to college Thanks ~🖤🖤

Thank you for waiting and I hope you enjoy!

1. Your Stage Name:


2. Group Name:


3. Group Members (Nationality/Sexes + Amount Of Members):

4 members including you, 2 members are Males & Chinese, while 1 members is a female  and Thai. ^^

4. Group Company :

Soul Company.

5. Your Debut Concept:

Video Games Club where you and your friends (members) meet on a weekly basis to play video games together at school while messing around with each other!

6. Your Position In The Group.

 Maknae + Main Vocalist.

7. Dating Scandal.

Sunjong From Infinite! 

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8. Amount of Years Your Group Will Be Active For:

7 Years!

9. What You Will Be Afterwards!

Graphic Designer For Popular Video Games Franchise! ^^