to: inspirits; my friends.

I don’t know if many noticed, but I have been m.i.a recently and I had to deal with a lot of personal problems and had some hardships of my own. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t check up frequently about Infinite. 

As many of you have seen by now through many K-Pop news sites, Howon did depart from Infinite. I’m pretty sure you’re upset; I am too. Being an Inspirit for so long and holding on how Infinite’s name means limitless and neverending, it did break my heart to hear that news. 

However, that won’t stop me from supporting Infinite as 6 and Howon starting his new career into acting and whatever else he will do in the future. The members respected his choice and I believe that we should too. 

I am sure that his choices weren’t meant to hurt any of his members, or any of the Inspirits. I said this every year and I will continue to say this, but as a fan, I will always be behind the members wherever they go and what they choose to do. 

A person’s dreams and ventures to a new path shouldn’t be put to a halt because they’re afraid the ones they love will leave them; they should be walking on with the belief that whatever they do, there will always be a person behind them to support them and cheer them through any endeavor. 

INFINITE’s name means “limitless”; so we shouldn’t think of Howon leaving in a hurtful, sad way, but think of it as another way to continue that name; to continue being limitless. I hope that none of you see Howon’s decision with a bad light and I hope you continue to support Infinite and Lee Howon on a new chapter. 

I love you all. 

Infinite: their s/o is cuddly when they're sleepy

Sungkyu: he’d be lying if he said he could resist you, esp when you pull the puppy face and stretch out your arms toward him. He’ll put down everything he was doing and join you on the couch, unable to take it any longer bc you’re too cute.

Dongwoo:  is unable to hide his smile and the way his heart beating faster every time you tug on his shirt a little more. Pretends to yawn as well when you hide your sleepy face in his chest, in hopes of falling asleep with you.

Woohyun:  pretends like he doesn’t know what you’re doing when you’re pressing little kisses along his neck and playing with his fingers. He’ll resist the urge to pull you into his lap and kiss you all over, since he loves being a little tease. He’d lay down with you on the bed and cuddle you until you finally fell asleep.

Hoya:  “Aish, you’re killing me, y/n…” he’d find this cute yet frustrating bc he was working, but all those thoughts would disappear when you engulf him in your arms and beg for cuddles. He’d sigh and nod his head, never being able to say no to his baby.

Sungyeol: he’s the one who’s always asking for cuddles at the most random times, so he can’t hide his excitement when you’re suddenly nuzzling into his neck. “Ha, so I finally broke that wall, I see. Now who’s clingy?” Pulls you into the tightest hug ever, cradling your head under his chin and falling asleep right after you.

Myungsoo:  his heart totally just fluttered, seeing you all tired and cuddly and wrapped up in your huge blankets. He’ll jump next to you as soon he gets into some comfortable jammies, and talks to you about his day until his warmth and honey voice put you to sleep.

Sungjong:  he’s glad he’s finally cracked you so could be as affectionate and cuddly around him as possible, bc he knew how withdrawn you were before. He’d take this opportunity to really tell you how much he loves you as he strokes your hair, bc he knows at some point you’d be drifting to sleep and dreaming about him.

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