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Hello and welcome to the Tom Hiddleston fandom.






Here’s a quick   #  guide to get you started in joining conversations on Twitter / tumblr / etc. about all things Tom

All the photos and gifs of / where / when … (not in any particular order)

#Loki  = Tom as Loki

#BabyHiddles  =  Tom with his natural curly blonde hair (as in #MagnusMonday)

#BeardyTom =  Tom with a beard or a three day stubble or any visible facial hair posted on any day

#BeardyTomOfTheDay  = Tom with a beard or a three day stubble or any visible facial hair posted on any day

#DancePornSunday = Any gif of Tom dancing posted on a Sunday

#SunglassesSunday = Any photo or gif of Tom wearing sunglasses (or they are somewhere on his person like hanging from his shirt / in his pocket / hand) posted on a Sunday

#ManCrushMonday  = Tom posted on a Monday

#MagnusMonday  = Tom as “Magnus Martensson” in “Wallander” posted on a Monday (below)

#ManSpreadingMonday  =  Photo / gif where Tom sits like a whore i.e his legs wide apart (= the usual)

#BowTieTuesday  = Tom wearing a bow tie posted on a Tuesday

#TomTuesday  = Tom posted on a Tuesday

#ThomasTuesday  = Tom posted on a Tuesday

#ThemeTuesday  =  For instance if the theme is #HistoricalFigures you would post a photo of Tom as #HenryV or #HankWilliams etc. (i.e any historical character he’s played) - on a Tuesday

#TongueOutTuesday  = Tom with his tongue sticking out posted on a Tuesday

#TuxedoTuesday  = Tom in a tux posted on a Tuesday

#WheatlandWednesday  = Tom performing at the Wheatland Music Festival, Michigan 7.9.2014, when he was prepping to play Hank Williams in “I Saw The Light” (2015), posted on a Wednesday

#WaistCoatWednesday  = Tom wearing a waistcoat posted on a Wednesday

#WizardWorldWednesday = Any photo or gif of Tom at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016 

#WetHiddlesWednesday = Any photo or gif of Tom when he’s wet posted on a Wednesday 

#Thorsday  =  Tom dressed as Loki (or not) with #ChrisHemsworth dressed as Thor (or not) posted on a Thursday. Usually “Happy #Thorsday!”

#Thorki  = Thor + Loki

#TomThursday  =  Tom posted on a Thursday

#ThomasThursday  = Tom posted on a Thursday

#TuxedoThursday  =  Tom in a tux on a Thursday

#SharpeSaturday  =  Tom as “Sir Thomas Sharpe” in “Crimson Peak” (2015), posted on a Saturday (below)

#SeductiveSunday  = Any photo / gif where Tom is being … well, all in the name

#ShakespeareSunday  =  Tom in a Shakespeare play / film, for example “Coriolanus” or “Henry V”, posted on a Sunday

#SuitPornSunday  = Tom in a suit posted on a Sunday

#SuitPorn  = Tom in a suit posted on any day

#Hiddlestoners  = Us, the Tom fans

#HiddleSisters  = Us, the Tom fans (including men)

#HiddlesConda  = The monster that lives in Tom’s pants

#HoodieThursday = Photos or gifs of Tom in a hoodie posted on a Thursday 

#Tompocalypse  = Whenever there is a large amount of new photos / gifs on the internet at once (usually when he attends a particular event)

#LokiDay  =  Tom as #Loki posted on a Friday (or Saturday or ANY day! EVERY day is #Loki Day!)

#Floof  = A description of his curly blonde hair (see #BabyHiddles), also curls on top of his head when the sides are short

#AllTheFloof  =  A description of his curly hair (see #BabyHiddles and #Floof)

#HairFloofFriday = Photos of Tom with floofy hair posted on a Friday

#RavenTom  =  Tom with black hair (usually from the time he was filming the first “Thor”)

#HenryHybrid = Any photo or gif of Tom with the Henry V (”Hollow Crown”) beard and hair as himself

#MoscowTom  = Tom in Moscow on the Avengers promotion tour

#DisneyPrinceLoki  = This gif or any from that deleted scene in “Thor”

#BlackAndWhiteAppreciation  =  Any black and white of photo / gif of Tom

#EyePorn  =  When he gives you the “come to bed” eyes

#HairPorn  =  When his hair looks good

#LipBorn  =  When he touches his lips unnecessarily or licks his lips

#HandPorn  =  Any photo / gif where his hands are prominent

#FingerPorn  = Any photo / gif where he is doing something totally unnecessary with his fingers

#TonguePorn =  When his tongue sticks out

#NeckPorn  =  When Tom’s neck looks particularly yummy

#VeinPorn = When the veins in his neck or arms are prominently visible

#AllThePorns  =  When there is #HairPorn #LipPorn #TonguePorn etc. in one photo. Basically multiple porns

# … OfDoom = This can be anything about Tom or what he is wearing. For example #TheEyeLashesOfDoom or #ThePlaidShirtOfDoom 

#FreckleTriangleOfDoom = Any photo where the freckle triangle of Tom’s neck (right hand side) is visible 

#LifeRuiner  =  What he’s done to us

#BrotherFromAnotherMother  =  Chris Hemsworth

#Hiddlesworth  =  A nickname for Tom and Chris Hemsworth

#FanGirlDown  =  When we see a picture / gif that just slays us

#SendHelp  = See #FanGirlDown

#HiddleStyle  =  When Tom wears something typical for him / stylish

#BecauseGlasses  =  When he wears his glasses

#ProfessorTom = When he wears his glasses and looks like a professor

#eheheheh  = Tom’s distinct laugh

#Hiddlesbum  =  Any gratuitous (or not) shot of Tom’s bottom

#EnglishCountrySide  =  Tom’s bottom

#TightAssTuesday  =  Tom’s bottom posted on a Tuesday

#HiddlesRabbitHole  =  Where you inevitably end up

#WhiteShirtWednesday  =  Tom in a white shirt posted on a Wednesday (Variations of this include #WetShirtWednesday and #WetWhiteShirtWednesday

#OhMyHiddles  = When he makes you go all funny

#HiddleThings = Can be anything about Tom in a photo or a gif 

#WilliamsWednesday  = Photo / gif of Tom as Hank Williams on a Wednesday

#WilliamWednesday  = Photo /gif of Tom on a Wednesday (he is Thomas William Hiddleston)

#WimbledonWednesday = Photos of Tom at the All England Club in Wimbledon

#WarhorseWednesday = Photos or gif of Tom as Captain Nicholls in “War Horse” posted on a Wednesday 

#Because = Any photo or gif of Tom posted for a particular reason, for example #BecauseSmile 

#ForReasons = Any photo or gif of Tom posted for a particular reason or simply because

#AngryTom = Any photo or gif of Tom when he is being shouty / angry (in a role, for example in “The Night Manager” or “The Deep Blue Sea”)

#JudgementalTom = Any photo or gif where Tom looks like he’s being judgemental (like somebody is misquoting Shakespeare) 

#RaganrokFriday = Any photo or Tom as Loki in “Thor : Raganrok” posted on a Friday

#SkullIslandSunday = Any photo or gif of Tom as Captain James Conrad in “Kong : Skull Island” posted on a Sunday

And of course when talking about a certain film / play etc # it with the name i.e #TheNightManager, #TheDeepBlueSea, #Thor : Ragnarok, #HenryV etc and the character Tom played i.e #HankWilliams, #Adam, #JonathanPine, #Laing. There are also different teams = #TeamLaing, #TeamAdam etc etc

Apart from these ones used the most there are dozens of other #’s that pop up here and there depending on the news / situation. You can make your own as well, no rules!

You’re ready to have your life ruined. You’re welcome!

PS: Feel free to add your own to this list

heres some old art by your truely i just got board and started doodleing then remembered this girl i met at winter jam she had a tee that said screaming trees and had really blonde hair but i got creative after remembering she said she wanted to dye her hair black the dye the tips white…….why do we have to meet new people then leave them @ciradoesnotneedtochill do you remember who im talking bout we hung out with her the entire day and she sat with us thrn gave me that braclet she made……….*cries* i hate the feels man……. but thats besides the point her name was lacy hope to see you qgain friend