I love saints row 3 and 4, they’re hilarious and ridiculous and great for just some dumb fun. But at the same time I miss what saints row 1 and 2 had.

They could still be ridiculous at times, it just wasn’t outrageous. The character development was stronger, the plot more complex. It didn’t have Johnny portrayed as the most lethal person in the universe, sure he was a badass, but he wasn’t dehumanized for it. It got you to care about the characters killed before they died. It made their deaths have some meaning, not just over dramatic clichés. It was intense, dark at times, but still humorous.

I want a GooH ending where jut goes back to that. Sure, keep the SR multiverse going with fun and ridiculous AUs, but bring back the allure of the first two games in others. Bring back the gang struggles and the Gat that was just a crazy guy with great instincts, bring back the actual criminal and gangster aspect to the game, rather than go off on a tangent with publicity or politics.

Outrageousness is great, especially in saints row, but the dark humour of the first two games is amazing too, and it’s what brought most of us here


Just one more. I hope.