One of the biggest missed opportunities the SR franchise had was it completely jumped over so much of Shaundi’s character development from sr2 to sr3, not to mention we were given very little set up as to how Johnny’s death actually changed her, since we had no knowledge of what she was like after she’d gone through her hippie phase, but before Johnny died.

Imagine seeing her get absolutely fed the fuck up with being a damsel in distress and spending hours working out and taking martial arts classes and getting Johnny and the boss to help her

Imagine her looking at herself in the mirror, and smashing it, hating herself for being such a piece of shit

Shaundi angrily chopping off her dreads as tears pour down her face after being called a hippie junkie one too many times and falling in a heap on the floor hyperventilating and crying

Whenever she sees all of those “Shaundi is a whore signs” and getting fucking pissed, not with the people holding them but with herself, because she is still so ashamed of herself and full of self hatred

When she finally cracks on her reality show, and beats the fuck out of someone for calling her a useless slut

When she shows up the boss in a gun fight for the first time, beaming, knowing how much better she’s gotten in doing the gangbanging, and blushing like crazy when the boss and Johnny praise her hard work and dedication

Imagine how happy she was when she finally got her shit together and how everything changed when Johnny died.

The self hatred was back, all the doubts she had were back, everything she spent years trying to get rid of all crept back into her mind after Johnny’s death. It was all undone in a single night and all she could do was subconsciously cover it up with anger and bravado.

… I really love Shaundi


Just one more. I hope.