I love saints row 3, and parts of 4; they’re hilarious and ridiculous and great for just some dumb fun. But at the same time I miss what saints row 1 and 2 had. They could still be ridiculous at times, it just wasn’t outrageous. 

The character development was stronger, the plot more complex. It didn’t have Johnny portrayed as the most lethal person in the universe, sure he was a badass, but he wasn’t dehumanized for it. It got you to care about the characters killed before they died. It made their deaths have some meaning, not just over dramatic clichés. The game was ruthless, it was in depth, and it made you feel something. 

@volition​ We miss it. Sure, dicking around is great, but I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that we want the sequels to be closer to SR2 than SRIV, that we want to feel for our characters again; that we want more depth to Johnny and Pierce, more development for Shaundi and Kinzie, and learning more about Viola and Oleg and that we want a storyline that will impact us 

A couple headcanons about Johnny Gat: 

  • he’s secretly a really good cook 
  • he’s stolen ice-cream trucks on multiple occasions because he hates the price for Spider-Man ice-cream that much and hell go to hell before he pays $6 for a glorified popsicle 
  • unironically loves avril Lavigne 
  • once ate part of a raw goat heart in high school biology on a dare -
  • got really high and made a giant snow dick on the boss’s front lawn one morning in the middle of winter 
  • reaper main, fave is junkrat tho 
  • ENTP - 
  • punched a kangaroo 
  • cant stand the sight of roses anymore 
  • ordered hot wings in the middle of a hurricane only to be yelled at - 
  • terrible dancer and insecure about it, knows a lot about dance in theory tho 
  • accidentally went into a strip club with male strippers when shitfaced, but ended up staying 
  • seriously, don’t bring roses anywhere near the man 
  • backstreet boys were his shit (and still are) 
  • robbed a Denny’s at gunpoint, demanding dinosaur chicken nuggets before the money 
  • planned on proposing to Aisha once he had proven himself to her by helping get the saints in control again and getting wealthier 
  • even had the ring picked out 
  • has ptsd

Just one more. I hope.