squishyfeels asked:

Hi I noticed you're from Malaysia too and just wanted to say hi, finally :) Love all the Jongdae posts! Btw, what do you think about Msia not being in the list for the Lost Planet tour? Like omg its so frustrating! We're like right in between s'pore & thailand, & they've seen the amount of fans they have here during world stage! Can't we do something to make them come?

hello! i know all of malaysian fans were frustrated about not making into the list. there’s a lot of things need to considered like we don’t have a lot of big stadiums here for them. probably some organisation have booked stadium negara or putra indoor stadium earlier than them. and we have to deal with the procedure, a long procedure. malaysia have a really long procedure in order to make a concert ugh.

idk man, probably we can make petition but tbh i dont want them to come here;; i dont want the local artist talk shit about them:c 

ugh I don’t even know I was going to write about trans* stuffs

but before that I was just going to fanboy about my professor

who’s amazing

and on my paper in his comments he put a smiley face and it made me smile too