#절벽위의트럼펫 2017.02 개봉 😭

#TrumpetofaCliff Premieres in Feb 2017  😭

SPEED Sejun’s comment:

흥해라 흥!!

Good luck!!

trans.cr; fyteensontop

While Wiccan grew up in a steady solemn environment, Tommy finds himself from foster home to foster home, eventually making a life for himself as a smuggler. With a ragtag crew and a Corellian YT-2400 he so lovingly named, Speed, he held a record for the Kessel run in such a short period that the news never broke before some guy named Han Solo beat it.

Star Wars: The House of M.
Where Genosha is a planet, Mutants are an alien race,
and the House of Magnus reigns supreme
under the banner of the Galactic Empire.