I just realized that this season was showing us that Mad Jack was not the end of Jack’s temper. After everything in that episode, Jack had kept everything under wraps and repressed everything. He made it seem as if he had everything under control, when really it was all just in the back of his head. He had avoided the anger and rage until it became a problem that he had to face head on.

A really powerful episode, like wow.

Yeah, to be honest, I think Ashi’s going to die. I see what’s happening. Ashi is like this image of what Aku could’ve been. They might even meet and end up in this deep conversation that Aku actually needs while they’re fighting. Ashi might even hold out her hand to him wanting to help him, since she’s never actually met him before and wants to try to get to know him since she grew up always being told that she’s his daughter and all, and she’s like the first person who actually wants to try to help him and shows no fear at all and Aku just loses it. He grew up having to get his way by fear and force and gained so much out of it. He’s probably afraid that if he stopped, he’ll lose everything, not just cities, statues, minions, etc. But respect and his freedom.