Park Kyung Lim’s 300mm interview with SNSD, 2009
  • PKL: Which member is good at expressing their feelings?
  • Taeyeon: Hyoyeon is on the blunt side and she doesn't say "I love you" much. Jessica when she is upset immediately cries like a baby. Seohyun usually holds it in but explodes later at an unsuspecting time. Tiffany and Sunny aren't the type for tears.
Should I have the opportunity to be a celebrity journalist for a day I’d like most to interview Ock Joohyun and Johnny Depp. Joohyun unnie because she likewise began her professional path as a girl group member, but now commands a musical stage with industry respect. I envy her magnetism above all. It couldn’t have been easy for her to get where she is so I would love to absorb how she coped with the depression and prejudice through a lengthy talk. Secondly, Johnny Depp. Since I was a schoolgirl he has been “my precious actor”. On top of looks and remarkable acting skill, is there anyone that can rival his ability to completely lose himself in any character? I’m curious to know what he’s thinking and how he does it. However, I’d be dreadfully anxious interviewing him. It would be indulging myself too much, right?
—  Seohyun, Daily Sports Interview 2009