(Yes or no?) "Out of all the SNSD members, I am the nicest."
  • Hyoyeon: Oh... I'm not.
  • Park Kyunglim (DJ): Then who is? Who's the nicest member?
  • Hyoyeon: Sssssssssssss.... Seohyunie?
  • Park Kyunglim (DJ): ah, Seohyun-sshi--
  • Sooyoung: *To Hyoyeon* You started off with "Soo" but ended up picking Seohyun??
  • Source: FM4U 2AM Date with Park Kyunglim (Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona) (2014.03.11)
Hyoyeon: "My wish is to watch a movie with [Seohyun]."
  • DJ: Oh, why?
  • Hyoyeon: About a month ago, we promised to watch a movie together at night. But then she couldn't because she had other plans. Then I said, "Let's go watch it early in the morning," and she said, "Oh, I think I can do it," but she still hasn't watched one with me.
  • Seohyun: *Giggles*
  • Tiffany: She's playing hard to get!
  • DJ: Seohyun, please say something.
  • Hyoyeon: *sniffles*
  • DJ: She's upset.
  • Seohyun: I'm sorry~
  • Hyoyeon: *Stammers*
  • : -Everyone (especially Seohyun) bursts out laughing at Hyo suddenly being bashful-
  • DJ: It's because Seohyun is busy as well.
  • Seohyun: I'm sorry...
  • Sooyoung: She was meeting her mom...
  • Seohyun: Yes, I don't get to see my mom very often, so whenever I have the time--I have watched movies with her, though, several times! ...But I did cancel on them quite often. I'm sorry, Unnie. Let's go watch one soon.
  • Hyoyeon: *voice cracks awkwardly* o-okay....
  • : -Everyone bursts out laughing again- "It's so awkward! Why is it so awkward?"
  • Source: MBC FM4U Yoongeon's Dreamy Radio - SNSD [2009.08.04]

“To my loving daughter Sooyoung and my 9 pretty daughters,

The girls who would ask me to buy them bubble tea during their trainee days have now grown into beautiful women. Although you spent a lot of time away from home, our daughter would never show the slightest bit of hardship. Thank you for going back to fill the gap of the time we lost together then by spending it with your family now. You were just finished with your drama filming and the time was already past 3AM so I thought I would welcome you home by waiting for you. With a tired face, you embraced me entirely. When morning came, you would pack your belongings to go overseas and seeing that broke me but I had to hold back my tears. Although my life was long, my time spent as your father was short. Sooyoung, be thankful for all your fans who love you and don’t be hurt by the obstacles that may come your way. I want to share good news with you today. Through the support of your members and the donations of fans overseas, we were able to form a team to help treat blind patients in Korea. To my daughters, be the light and hope to shine onto darkness and ones to pour endlessly to those who aren’t fortunate as Healing Generation. Let’s keep going forever.”

— In representation of all the SNSD fathers, Sooyoung’s dad, Healing Camp 140317