Wink Up June 2006, translated by Enshinge

2: I’m not in a position to talk about others, but [Tama’s] pretty self-centered. Like when he says “Nikaido let’s play a game,” I say “okay.” But when I say “Tamamori, let’s play a game,” he clicks his tongue and goes “I’m not going to,” “quit messing with me.”

T: I didn’t say it like that. I didn’t sound so mean, plus I definitely didn’t say “quit messing with me.”

M: Ah, when I said “Tamamori, good morning!” he clicked his tongue and said “Quit it now. Or I’ll pluck off your nose!”

T: I didn’t say that (laughs)! Everyone, don’t believe this okay. The scary thing about these members are that they exaggerate everything 200% (laughs).

S: Ah that’s quite true though. I’m often victimized so I understand (laughs).