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Selena/Camilla/Beruka Poly fluff please

OOooh I love this one.

Camilla loves to spoil her girlfriends. She’ll get them only the best armor, weapons and other luxuries of Nohr. 

They all love to go shopping together for various items. Beruka isn’t a huge fan of it, but occasionally will brighten up when she finds something she likes. 

When they all sleep together, Camilla is typically in the middle, arms around her girlfriends protectively.

They are all extremely protective of each other. Selena’s great at insults, Camilla’s great at threats, and Beruka wouldn’t be afraid to cut someone if need be, and everyone knows this. And everyone is terrified. 

At the Corpus Christi home they shared for three years, Selena’s clothes still hang in the bedroom closet and a tiny label reading “Selena-n-Chris Forever” still adorns the bathroom mirror. “Everything in the house is the same,” Chris says. “I’ve got her little soaps and her different shampoos and even some of her makeup and her contacts.” Sometimes, he is able to convince himself—for a few moments—that it has all been a terrible nightmare. (From a 1995 interview)