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B1A4 gif reaction when you have a nightmare and wake up crying? Thank you and this blog is really great.

Thank you for these words and here`s the reaction!


Jinyoung: [wakes up from the sounds and rubs his eyes] Honey?.. Are you okay?

[After you told him about the nightmare, he would kiss you to sleep after reassuring you that it was fine]

CNU: Oh, there`s nothing to worry about! I`m here for you

[lets you sleep in his embrace, babying you]

Sandeul: [wakes up due to hearing you sobbing] What is it, sweetie?

[Wnen you tell him you had had a bad dream]

We can hug while sleeping if it makes you feel better~

Baro: [gives you a big hug] Why are you crying? Should I go and kick some ass?

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Sandeul birthday reaction

So… a friend of mine came up with this idea ;D Whatcha think? If you think it`s fun, I will consider taking request for upcoming birthday boys/girls! 


Waking up in the morning and remembering what day it is:

Trying to guess what you will give him as a gift:

Receiving the birthday greetings from the members:

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B1A4: Who's dependable and who depends on others?
  • Hoshino MC: This next question is from Na-san in Okinawa. "In B1A4, who's the most dependable member? Also, who depends on the others the most?"
  • Gongchan: (repeatedly presses the "Baro!" sound effect)
  • Hoshino MC: So it's Baro. But which one is he?
  • Gongchan: He's dependable. (presses the "Baro!" button again)
  • Cnu: I also think it's Baro (presses the "Baro!" button repeatedly)
  • Sandeul: Seriously?! (presses the sound effect for Jinyoung's "Say the truth!" from "What's Going On?")
  • Gongchan: Sandeul.
  • Cnu: I also think it's Sandeul.
  • Hoshino MC: So it's Sandeul who's dependable?
  • Sandeul: I also think it's me. (laughing)
  • Hoshino MC: So who's the most spoiled member?
  • Gongchan and Cnu: (repeatedly press the "Jinyoung!" sound effect)
  • Sandeul: (presses the "Jinyoung!" sound effect)
  • Hoshino MC: Jinyoung? Really? He might be watching, you know. He might see this later!
  • Cnu: Lately Jinyoung's busy filming dramas, so he's been having a hard time. So he's been depending on us a lot lately.
  • Sandeul: Jinyoung is the cutest.
  • Gongchan: (presses the "Say the truth!" sound effect)
  • Everyone: So who is?
  • Sandeul: (laughs, then points to self and smiles shit-eating grin)
  • Everyone: (yells)
  • Hoshino MC: So you're the cutest and you are the most dependable?
  • Sandeul: Yes. (laughs, then waves it away) I'm sorry.