i made these CMY and RYB color wheels as examples

i did not actually have quinacridone rose or hansa yellow paint in my stash as it turns out so i used some near equivalents

there are a lot of near equivalents out there, so please play around and see what gives you the best results

Art trade with Charcoalfeathers
This was an absolute blast to work on, not only because of Ryb, who is one of the most unique characters I’ve seen, but also because I had a lot of fun drawing out this environment. 
I hope I did the character and it’s surroundings justice, but in any case, this was probably one of my favorite trades to work on thus far. 

wow hello internet

some clarifications:

1. my post is about subtractive color theory, i.e. actual physical paint and pigments – not computer monitor colors or colors of light, which fall under additive color theory (RGB model).

       1A. if you are a digital artist and you only ever show your work on computer monitors, you don’t technically need to pay attention to subtractive color theory at all. it still might come in handy someday though?

2. i am not telling anyone to throw out their cadmium red and ultramarine paints. cadmium red and ultramarine are beautiful goddamn colors. they are not primary pigment colors but they are beautiful and irreplacable colors that are useful and wonderful and singular and that is a fine thing for them to be.

3. primary pigment colors the only paint colors you should ever use or need for anything ever
primary pigment colors the only paint colors you should ever mix together to create new colors
primary pigment colors mandatory ingredients for a good painting

primary pigment colors = the three paint colors that will give you the clearest and strongest results when you make a color wheel to study subtractive color theory
primary pigment colors = the three paint colors that have a direct complementary relationship with the three primary colors of light

4. if you were put off by my tone: i am sorry
yelling and swearing about color theory on the internet is something i do for myself because i enjoy yelling and swearing (it’s pretty fun) and also i care a lot about color
if you were offended, you probably care a lot about color too
hopefully that won’t dissuade you from trying a CMY color wheel for yourself and seeing if you like it