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Britney: What is your name?
Hot guy: Roberto.
Britney: Horrendo! Give it up for Horrendo!! Whoo!🙋
Hot guy: No, Roberto. Roberto.
Britney: Oh. Ro-BER-toe!!
😂😂😂😂 I love this woman
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*SIGHS* ok I know people are upset at what Rupert said. but it was All A joke. He doesn't believe that. What he Actually believe is this "In a way it makes a lot of sense that [Ron and Hermione] did get together. I don’t think it’s wrong. " He. Doesn't. Think. Romione.Will. Divorce


Okay, but what you have to understand is that (I, at least) am not upset about what he said about Ron and Hermione’s relationship. Yeah, I find it annoying, especially considering what happened last time we thought JKR had spat all over their relationship, but that’s not what upsets me??

I’m upset about what he and pretty much all of the cast continued to say about where Ron will end up in life. For people (like me) who relate so strongly with Ron’s character, it hurts when the people who are supposed to understand his character most are the ones that make fun of and mock him. Ron’s doubts and insecurities all focus around the fact that he’ll never live up to/be as good as Harry or Hermione or any of his brothers, and to have that echoed back by people who should know better is very frustrating. To me and a lot of others, Ron Weasley is a role model because /despite/ all of these doubts and insecurities he rose above it all and ultimately ended up in a good place. So for the actor who played him so well for so many years to contradict all of that bothers me.

I love Rupert Grint, okay, and I think it’ll take a lot to change that but I Do Not like what he said about Ron in that interview, and I get that it may have been a joke but I hear it so often from some parts of the fandom that this just feels like a reinforcement of that.

Rupert and the rest of the cast are placed in a high position in fandom (obviously, having played their respective characters for over 10 years, they deserve to be) so them all saying this is going to make it so much easier for people to hate on Ron, which annoys me deeply because lbr he gets enough hate as it is.

Let me reiterate: I don’t hate Rupert OR any of the cast, but I do hate what was said in that interview and I am upset about it.