Favorite Ru Girls 1/?: Sasha Velour (Season 9 winner)

Sasha Velour relies on brains, beauty be damned, let monsters reign. If you want to join the revolution: innovate, that’s my solution! Wear a crown, fuck with gender, bend the rules, don’t surrender. A thinking queen speaks to the heart, she’s stranger than fiction, better than art! I’m- I’m more true than real, I’m a magical bitch, darling, that’s how I feel!

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Also, Lexa is most DEFINITELY Daddy. - RG

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I'm not experienced enough to see the nuances of Rhythmic, what separates someone like Mamun, Kanaeva or Bessonova from someone like Laura Zeng?

Alright I’m going in for a long documented post

Disclaimer: this is by no mean me attempting to drag Laura Zeng’s gymnastics, I’m just trying to answer to the best of my abilities. If I’m wrong on something (or if you feel that I am), please tell me!!

So overall, the thing with Laura Zeng is that her execution and technique are very flawed.

1- her body technique is really not on the same level as the best gymnasts in the world or even other american gymnasts.

- she lacks ankle extension and her relevé is really low during her pivots. She also drops the heel (meaning it touches the floor) mid-pivot almost everytime:

^^on top of that, she also travels during this pivot (meaning her support foot slides) which is another deduction on top of the heel dropping (each .10). Finally here she goes for a ring pivot with backbend (made famous by Kanaeva) but the shape lacks extension and elegance, let’s compare with Kanaeva:

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it’s the same pivot but Kanaeva has a better relevé and her legs are much more extended

- another major flaw of Laura’s is her attitude form. In RG, for an attitude balance or pivot to be valid, the entire back leg has to be above 90° angle, here in red are incorrect shape of the leg:

and Laura Zeng’s attitude tends to look like this:

her back leg is clearly below horizontal axis and her pivot shouldn’t get credited. (also the foot/hip/shoulder alignement went out the window here)

- moving on to her leaps, something that bugs me is that there’s little to no difference between her leaps with or w/o backbend:

here’s her jeté en tournant with backbend:

she only kinda throws her head back and this is not a valid leap with backbend, if you compare with Mamun performing her turning stag leap with backbend here:

you see her head touches her back leg.. 

Zeng’s body technique is quite weak and flawed. It doesn’t mean she’s not a good gymnast, reigning olympic champion Margarita Mamun also had a lot of body technique flaws, but she and her coach worked around that and found elements that she could perform. The thing with Laura is that her coach has her perform elements she shouldn’t get credited for bc her form is not valid..

2- This CoP works well for her bc she’s good at DERs (Dynamic Elements with Rotations, when a gymnast throws the apparatus and performs at least 2 rotations before catching it, also called a risk), she rotates extremely fast and can max out on her d-score that way (the more rotations you can perform during a risk, the more valuable it is in terms of Difficulty). 

That, however, does not mean her apparatus handling is really good imo (we’re sliding to a more subjective point of view here, but I know I’m not alone on that). I quite like her with hoop, I think her routine is rather well built with linked elements. However with clubs, not much going on besides throws/catches, elements don’t really flow into another, her handling is very stiff and totally lacks fluidity (if you compare with a clubs expert like Yana Kudryavtseva who could make even mills beautiful and interesting). Her ribbon technique is also very poor, but tbh it’s the case of most gymnasts these days lmao. the patterns and shapes are not well defined, the end of the ribbon touches the floor a lot..

3- Her routines lack originality, researched choreo and work to engage with the music. The lack of originality does not lead to deductions per say and that’s not a critic, but there’s nothing particularly memorable about Zeng’s gymnastics and the more interesting elements she performs are “borrowed” from other gymnasts. It’s perfectly normal that gymnasts replicate elements from others and that is absolutely not something to be held against Zeng, but to me it just shows she hasn’t really brought something new or special.

her choreo or lack of doesn’t help enhance her gymnastics. Watch starting here: x so from 0:48 til 0:56 you see her compulsory dancing segment (every gymnast needs to have at least one in every routine, lasting 8 seconds), the choreo is really uninspired, not linked to the music and she basically stops moving between 0:51 and 0:53 to catch her clubs, which would I think make her dancing segment not valid. This whole routine is just element after element with no clear ties between each others and the music is used as some sort of background. She vaguely tries to engage with the music at the end of the routine to leave a good impresion on the judges (exactly like Kabaeva would do in 01-04) but that’s kind of too little too late. If you want to watch a gymnast who totally engage with and interpret her music, try anything from Salome Pazhava, for example this, her ball routine from 2015. It’s a good example imo bc Salome is far from having the best form out there, her ball handling also lacks polish and refinery, but this routine is gorgeous bc she totally engages with the music and is so expressive in her movements and dancing parts.

Laura Zeng has many qualities as a rhythmic gymnast, she rotates super fast, she’s consistent, is good at DERs which are a very important part of RG. But she has some serious technique issues that judges sometimes look past and this is bugging some fans..

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