Skin care; washing by Ren

160726 MBC ‘Video Star’ Ep.3

Skin care; washing by Ren.

1. Innisfree 'The green tea seed cream’
2. Steam towel for 20 seconds
3. Avene 'Cleanance Gel’
(foamed gel in the hands)
4. Don’t wipe the face with a towel (softly dab your face)
5. Innisfree 'The green tea seed serum’ (within 3 seconds after ‘4′)

Well done

a kourenao and renoi/noiren headcanon for you

hc that when aoba or ren have a headache, koujaku lays with them and presses gentle circles and zigzags through their hair. he does it slowly as to not pull through any tangles. he makes loose little twists and braids and gives light kisses along their hairline until either the pain goes away or they fall asleep. whoever doesn’t have a headache traces soft shapes into the other’s palm and arms. if it’s aoba he’ll murmur sweet things, turning redder with each second. if it’s ren, he’ll hum because aoba (and koujaku) like hearing his deep rumbling voice

hc that noiz takes ren out to a pastry shop because he gets to be the one who’s more experienced and he wants to see ren’s reactions to the new tastes. he also wants to compare their reactions because he knows he’s different from other people but maybe he’s the same in some regards and ren is very honest