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Drabble #22 Haven

A/N: It all started with bsaa-piersnivans’ feels and I just knew I couldn’t resist from not giving this a shot. So… how about an alternate ending for our heroes?

Title: Haven
Words: 1,025
Pairing: subtle Chris/Piers

I was utterly shocked.

How…. How could he have guessed this before I did?

Even before I could even do anything… how could you?

Before Piers could push his captain into the pod, Chris had his hands firm around the ace’s wrist, face a tired grin before he pushed his ace onto the ground. It didn’t take long before they heard the warning alarm and the shutter of the door close. Piers was in shock, speechless and too weak to fight against his captain. In his weakened state, he saw how his captain easily overpowered him, stopped his attempts yet more importantly, saw his captain stayed here in a crumbling shell with him.

“Are you mad?” He yelled in pain, “W-What are you doing?”

Chris stayed silent, turning to look at the pod and all its emptiness, a route to their escape, a way to the surface. But what is left of the surface if he’s once again brought his entire team to their deaths? It was like the last time he experienced the deaths of his men right before his eyes, where he felt helpless, was helpless, and eventually proven so too. And that moment, if it hadn’t been Piers, he wouldn’t have lived to see daylight for another year, wouldn’t have a chance to make atonements for what he felt guilty of, still feels guilty for.

He thought he would have Piers by his side for the rest of their journeys. They’ve always had each others’ back no matter the odds. It was perfect that way… until fate had a better hand in this game. 

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