I just had a friken thought and want to really happen in a couple of chapters of Tokyo ghoul:re

Haise bumps into a blonde guy with a drink and says sorry,the guys says it’s okay.Then Shironeki AND Kuroneki come into Haises head and chant over and over again


Haise can’t think of another but hear the words HIDE and says


The blonde looks confused and hugs Haise.

“It’s been a while…Kaneki…”

I want this to actually happen,I don’t want ‘love’ in Tokyo ghoul,I really don’t want Haise to focus on Touka first I actually would want Ishida to focus on Hide more.

Yes okay,the fandom is all on shipping and stuff,but I don’t want love in Tokyo ghoul,it’s all too serious to be on that topic.Yes I know this is my opinion and I should keep it to myself,but don’t you think that ‘love’ would actually kinda destroy the plot on the anime/manga.

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You literally are being oppressed though and you're controlling culture (which likes to think of itself as the superior culture in the world and that's everyone else is beneath them) has just convinced you that it's you "expressing yourself" or that it's "fashion" which in many ways it is, but it's still a symbol in many muslim counties that men are in control and by you still wearing that you're not showing your support for those women who are treated like slaves or second class at best

1) “you’re controlling culture” no im not 

2) you’re talking about islam, which is a religion, not culture

3) “likes to think of itself” islam can’t think, it doesn’t have a brain 

4) using the “you’re brainwashed” excuse of an argument is pointless because that’s like saying “youre wrong and i cant explain why im against you wearing what makes you comfortable, but youre wrong still”

5) a hijab is a symbol for modesty if anything, and it always will be, regardless of “muslim men”. hijab isnt something you should force on to people, and it sucks that it still happens in some countries but stop assuming that it’s happening to me. 

6) “you’re not showing your support for those women” hate to break it to you buddy but a hijab is not a political statement. throwing my hijab on the ground and stomping on it in canada isn’t going to stop some man in iraq from treating his wife “like a slave”. if my friend gets detention at school for wearing tanktops but i wear a t shirt, does that mean im not showing her my support? the only way to show support is to wear a tank top??

the hijab is not a symbol of oppression 

it’s literally just a way of covering up. period. it has nothing to do with how certain people in certain countries behave. you cant just decide that it represents them. 

leave this symbolism shit for your 10th grade english class that youre probably failing


the spoilers have killed me

Você é uma pessoa incrível, até hoje não vi igual. Você tem um jeito diferente de encarar a vida, e você sabe, que o diferente me encanta.
—  Não é a toa, que eu tô tão na tua.
Tá doendo sim. Você não tem ideia. É como se algo me enforcasse e eu não morresse nunca. O modo que tentou se explicar, toda a bobagem que disse. Eu só queria chegar em casa e chorar, entende? Mas não, eu segurei o silêncio pelo caminho todo. Na hora da despedida não aguentei. Larguei o pano, olhei pra baixo. Chorei. Desisto. Tentei veementemente aceitar seu lado, ver de outro ângulo a situação, achar as respostas para minhas perguntas. Mas sabe de uma coisa? Cansei. Memórias e histórias imaginadas em minha mente: só havia você e ela. Uma qualquer. Que tu conhecera e levara para cama na mesma noite. Eu chorei, você chorou. Nenhuma lágrima caiu. Não dei-te o prazer de me ver chorar porque virei as costas. Talvez rumo à um caminho sem volta: a solidão.
—  Craquelar.