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i feel so bad for chanyeol. it's clear that ksoo and chanyeol have been very good friends since predebut, i mean even chanyeol's mom loves kyungsoo,( chansoo and yeol's mom have been spotted hanging out just the three of them and have yall seen the chansoo pics she has at her restaurant?!??), so kyungsoo is practically a member of the park family (didnt soo spend a xmas with them predebut as well?)but to the k*isoo shippers chanyeol is just the "thirdwheel" or the "cockblocker" of k*isoo...

chanyeol’s mom really does love kyungsoo (the first thing i thought of was that time chansoo + yeol’s mom were spotted out and she was holding onto kyungsoo instead of her own son lmao)

also, remember when chanyeol said his sister likes kyungsoo the most.. and i totally forgot about the christmas thing like they’re obviously so close and it’s inconsiderate of people to ignore their relationship just to make their own otp appear more real

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