Dating P.O. would Include

your ask are open? dating p.o would include?

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  • Hot diggity damn okay
  • Pyo Jihoon would be the most amazing guy to be your boyfriend 
  • He’s sweet and considerate
  • Always wanting to make you the happiest version of yourself
  • He’s the kind of guy that would go out of his way just to make you smile in his direction
  • Before the two of you got together, he found it so difficult to be around you because he knew how much he liked you and he wasn’t sure you’d ever feel the same way
  • Except you did
  • And now he’s secretly vowed to himself to do anything to keep you at his side
  • He loves dates
  • And red carpets
  • Watching you wear big ballgowns to baby pink cardigans
  • He loves you so much
  • We all know that this man is talented in his music and dancing
  • And he’d certain take it to his advantage
  • Rapping/ singing to you in the car or around the house because he loves to see you laugh at his joking and silly attempts
  • Dancing with you in the fairy lights and soft music in the living room. 
  • As you can expect, the other members are going to tease you both
  • You are dating the maknae after all
  • “Ya! Is that a love bite on your neck?”
  • “I’m sure that love bite isn’t the only love he made to her” 
  • Jihoon being so fucking embarrassed by his members 
  • But also cherishing them, and he’ll often go to them if he has a problem, even in your relationship
  • But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them too
  • He’s happy you like his friends since they mean so much to him too. 
  • He’d shower you with a lot of affection
  • The kind of guy that brings you flowers home after work
  • There doesn’t have to be an occasion
  • They just “made me think of you.” 
  • He’d be all about skin ship in the relationship and touching you a lot
  • Not always in a dirty way
  • Just holding you close
  • Brushing the backs of your hands while you walk
  • His arm around your shoulders and yours around his waist. 
  • And don’t forget; he isn’t the aegyo master for nothing. 
  • And he certainly inexperienced in the relationship department
  • His kisses being magical
  • Holding you up against the wall and grazing your hair away from your face as his thigh spreads your legs and his hands hold yours above your head before he teases you with the brush of his lips against yours
  • Doesn’t appreciate being teased in public because he prefers your relationship’s intimacies to be private 
  • Adores how BBC’s accept your relationship and ship you both together
  • Hates it when BBC’s ship you with other members
  • I mean what?? Jihoon jealous??? Noooo he’d never take you home and have rough sex against the kitchen counter because a fan misheard information said she thought you and Zico were a good couple *cough*

Veterinary Diaries #1: Pyometra 

10-year-old FS Chihuahua presented with lethargy, fever, and brown discharge from the vulva. Top differential: Pyometra 

Pyometra: Life-threatening infection of the uterus.

The only way to be absolutely certain that this will not occur in your female dog is to spay her. The only treatment for a pyometra is an ovariohysterectomy. A pyometra is 100% preventable, please help spread the word of how important fixing your animal is! 

A 2# infected uterus was removed from a 9# dog. The dog was treated surgically and also with IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, she made it through the surgery but not the recovery process. I have attached first the pyometra uterus and what the uterus should look like. Can you imagine how painful this would be? 

Block B Makeout sessions

Jaehyo: He is a deep kisser. Making the most out of every kiss, even if it’s only a peck. His hands wouldn’t leave your sides, or if he wanted to be even closer to you, he would grab your face and pull you as close as possible. He would be more of a slow, passionate kisser, making sure that it was the right pace for both of you. He would also be one to try and keep his noises in, but not be able to suppress a moan or two as he kissed you. He would kiss you in any position, as long as he got to kiss those sweet lips of yours. Now, if someone walked in on you two kissing, he would probably be all shy and embarrassed at first, but at the thought of missing your lips, he would tell the person to leave and keep kissing you.

Zico: He would be a messy kisser. Slobbery, wet, sloppy kisses would be the only way he liked to kiss you, hands roaming all over your body as he does so. He would be all over the place with his pace, but it would always be perfect, not too fast, not too slow. Unlike Jaehyo, he wouldn’t even try to hold his moans, letting you know that he’s enjoying the taste of your mouth. He’s more of a ‘have you straddle him’ type of person as he kisses you. If someone walked in, he wouldn’t care and just keep kissing you.

Taeil: He is a shy kisser, who would have to work up to placing his hands anywhere on you as you kissed. He would also have a slow, shy pace at first, but once he became comfortable and knew you were into it too, he would go a little faster. He would do a good job of containing his noises, too afraid to make it awkward if he let anything out. Positioning would be simply next to you, and if someone walked in, he would probably pull away and apologize to you and the person who walked in, his cute little cheeks all red.

BBomb: He is a emotional kisser, so it would be based on his mood how he kissed you and where his hands roamed. Same for the pace, position, and noises. If he was happy he would give you more of a sweet little peck, but if he was angry or frustrated I feel like he would give you a deep, rough kiss. If someone walked in, in any case, he would get mad, shooing the person and going back to business with a little more rough attitude as he kissed you.

U-Kwon: He would kiss you in a more gentlemanly sort. He would make sure you were comfortable, only running his hands in places where you like, and making are you were comfortable with the pace. He would probably love it if your body was smushed against his so he could be as close to you as he could while he kissed you. If someone would walk in, he would shame them for making you uncomfortable, and then he would do anything to make it up to you, even though it wasn’t his fault.

Kyung: He is like Taeil, in that he is a shy kisser. No roaming hands for him and the pacing would be slow, but still sweet and irresistible. He wouldn’t make any noises, and if he did, he would be super embarrassed about it. He would want you to be in front of him so he could watch your face when he leaned in to kiss you. Someone walking in would elicit a super embarrassed response from him.

P.O: He is a deep kisser for sure. Even if it’s just a peck, he will find away for his tongue to taste yours, even if only for a few seconds. Hands would be grabby all over you and he would make the perfect pace for both you and him. He would be noisy as hell and kiss you in a position, anywhere. If someone walked in, he wouldn’t notice and just keep going at it with you like you two were alone.


Block B Reaction: You slap their butt

anon asked: Block b reaction to you slapping their butt.

Thank you so much anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Zico: *shocked for a moment* “Jagi…did you?”

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Taeil: *blushing for dayss* “J-jagi, what made you do that?”

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U-Kwon: “Don’t be shocked when I get you back for that later babe!” *wink wink*

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B-Bomb: “Am I that sexy jagi~?” *teases you*

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Kyung: *ignore Zico if you can* “That’s it? You’re just going to slap my butt and leave? Well I guess I’ll just be here…showing off my sexy legs without you beside me…”

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Jaehyo: “Wouldn’t you yell at me if I do that to you though…? Am I allowed to….?” *confused*

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P.O: *so much blushy happiness* “Jagi~ You’re so embarrassing!!” *really, REALLY loves it*

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I’m super obsessed with Block B right now for some reason (their comeback was months ago lol) so I’ve been really enjoying Block B Asks!!! Thank you again anon~ The feels are hitting me hard xD