Tonie Farrell was heading home after her shift at Canada’s Starbucks, Tim Hortons, when she saw a friend being attacked by three assailants. She rushed over to help, and the attackers scattered into the night. Farrell stayed with the injured woman until the police arrived, and all was well. Well and truly screwed, that is: Sergeant Watson showed up on scene and immediately told Farrell to “shut the fuck up.” Understandably upset, Farrell responded by asking for his badge number and stepping away. Not so understandably upset, the officer responded by kicking her in the knee and shattering her leg.

She hit the ground headfirst. Watson, who’d apparently missed his calling as a WWE heel, promptly jumped on Farrell and began punching her. All told, Farrell was rewarded for her bravery with a broken leg, a missing tooth, and a wounded arm. So between this and the OD story, we guess the lesson is: When emergency situations arise, just kinda roll with it and try not to get in the criminal’s way.

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