vixx as old ppl
  • hakyeon: tht one old person tht tells u about when they were young for like an hour and ends up telling u the same story over and over
  • ken: will try to do impressions to make himself seem cool. falls asleep mid sentence
  • ravi: trys to start a rap battle claiming 'hes still got it'. still dyes what hair he has left
  • hongbin: wont stop showing u pictures of when he was younger
  • leo: would probably like knit u a sweater for a kitten or something
  • hyuk: still messes w/ members. probably like spits in their apple sauce

B.A.P wont be B.A.P without… Yongguk’s leadership and badass rapping. Himchan’s diva and raspy voice singing. Daehyun’s high notes and his cute blabbering. Youngjae’s soothing voice and his fluffy reactions. Jongup’s dance skills and his 4D-ness. Zelo’s fast rapping and dorkiness. There won’t be me standing brave here today without B.A.P. (anon)



Trans of the surprise voice message from VIXX

hakyeon said he wants to go on a ski trip with all the vixx members this christmas then made a pun with “daisuki” (i love you in japanese)

all the vixx members tried to imitate ravi’s voice and hakyeon said “i’m ravi and i want to get a girlfriend”

ken’s voice was him imitating little boy ken and hongbin said “your little boy voice sounds older than you are now”

for christmas ravi wants snow and everyone to have a happy day

for christmas hongbin wants snow and thinks it’ll be fun if everyone builds snowmen

for christmas ken wants santa to come

hongbin said he never believed in santa when he was younger

for christmas hyuk wants everyone to spend a happy christmas with their family and loved ones

leo said he thinks about “home alone” the movie and so the others said “with kevin?” “you want to spend christmas with kevin?”

trans cr: @taekcha

Imagine Leo as an unimpressed vampire who has taken in the rest of VIXX as his personal source of food. Having five of them rather than just one means that he can drink from all of them without having to bleed any of them dry but he really wonders if the idiocy he has to put up with is worth not murdering his meal.