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Kimheechul wrote the lyrics for Orange Caramel’s title song, Shanghai Romance? 

Interesting facts: 

  • Some people interpret the lyrics as a song dedicated for Hankyung who left the group (lyrics imply about how they cannot see him even if they want to because he is too far away) 
  • He wrote the lyrics just before he left for military service 
  • At most he would earn 3000000 won (roughly $3000) a month from the song 
  • He entered the lyrics written by as his nickname, 우주대스타 (Space Big Star) 
  • In fact, Heechul is very talented with writing lyrics. From the recent album M&D, Heechul wrote the lyrics for all the songs. He says he listens to the music while he plays his games (wow source of inspiration much) and thinks of the lyrics.