*sigh* so I was looking for a kpop meme that I saw a long time ago on google images when I managed to come across this picture here:

and obviously its supposed to be a “funny” relatable post for kpop fans. But its not relatable, or funny. It’s just gross. Just because you love kpop doesn’t mean that you need to adopt “new Korean-like habits” and btw, what the fuck does that even mean?? You think its cool to just pick and choose aspects of the culture to incorporate into your everyday life for NO REASON AT ALL?

Like the fuck?? What are you bowing for? Bowing is mostly a custom in East Asia (maybe other places too I guess) but unless its a common practice in your country, what are you bowing for? Wow u can bow ur so koreein! Oppa cant w8 to bring u to hiz mom! Just stop.

You think its cute to sprinkle the language around whenever you want to? You think its cute to just accessorize it for no reason? And don’t even try to use the “but why are their english lyrics in kpop songs?” bc it’s literally not the same. If you pick up the phone and say 여보세요 chances are, the person on the phone will have no clue what you just said, so I don’t have the slightest clue why you are doing it. STOP.

*tries not to scream* :) :) :) Hey sweaty :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys are kpop idols :) :) :) Not all Korean guys LOOK like kpop idols :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys ACT like kpop idols :) :) :) :) Not all Korean guys want to spend time with racist, ignorant, fetishist who only claim to “like” them simply because they are Korean and fulfill their disgusting oppa fantasies. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

*actually screams this time* !!!!!!!! Whhhhaaaattttt???? 

1: If you are a native english speaker and you “dont realize” (sure, Jan) that your speech patterns have been altered into that of a non-native speaker simply because you are into kpop, then you need help. Seriously.

2: Using the term engrish to make fun of idols who spend time working hard to learn your language, but can’t shake their korean accent, is disgusting and incredibly racist. You should be fucking happy and supportive that they are risking embarrassment to publicly speak a language that they aren’t fluent in, but yet you are making fun of them for it. Yeah, oppa definitely wants to marry you.   

I was gonna do more but I’m tired of this and I’m tired if y’all. If you know someone like this, check them immediately, If you are the person who is like this, then you need to work on loving yourself.  

Struggle of an international kpop fan
  • Korean fans: *Same time zone. Never misses anything*
  • International fans: *Wakes up in the morning to see surprise Comback, New Mv*
  • Korean Fans: *can easily attend a Fansigh*
  • International fans: *watches with jealousy as they interact with fans*
  • Korean fans: *Can take a picture of them and Oppa*
  • International fans: *Glares while rubing computer screen* One day Oppa
  • Korean Fans: *breaths same air as oppa*
  • International fans: That's it I'm swimming to Korea.. Wait for me Oppa

Fan: Minho oppa, you’ve worked hard!~

Minho: *waves hand*

Fan: I’ll rate it 6 stars!

Minho: *laughs*

tn: 6 stars is a joke frome one of the skit that SHINee did on SNL Korea

Meeting Oppa
  • *Finally meeting Oppa*
  • Oppa: Hi nice to meet you
  • Me: ...
  • Oppa: ???
  • Me: *Stares intently*
  • Oppa: ...
  • Me: *Suddenly explodes*
  • Me: You know how much stress you've caused me
  • Me: All those sleepless nights
  • Me: All the money I've spent on you
  • Me: How much you have attacked me with your hotness
  • Me: You little shit
  • Oppa: *Slowly backing away*
  • Me: I love you, you little shit.
  • Oppa: *Runs for his life*
  • Me: I'm not done with you come back
  • Me: *Gets restraining order*
  • Me: Totally worth it