London slang used beware lol.

Liyah: Swear these chicks think they’re too hot, look at her lips tho! Looking like one of them trannies!

Nika: Shhh man! I just got her to sleep, calm down. 

Liyah kisses her teeth and moves herself to the side of the bed.

Liyah: Nah Nika I’m actually bored, come we go outside and smoke this sh*t.

Nika: Are you mad? We ain’t smoking anything while Soraya’s here.

Liyah: My gyal yuh deaf? I said lets go outside and do it, didn’t I?

Nika: Even if we did go outside, them fumes are still gonna come inside the flat. Stop talking about it already, wait till Esperanza picks her up.

Liyah gets up from the bed.

Liyah: Nah that’s long man, I might as well go home then. F**k this sh*t!

Nika: Ahh for f**ks sake! Fine, just wait a minute!

Liyah: Thank you!

Giovanni suddenly walks in to the room.

Giovanni: Ay Nika, have you seen my watch, the casio one I had on yesterday?

Liyah: Oh hey Giovanni

Giovanni: Ahh you aight. Whats good?

Liyah: Yeah nuttin’ much. (Turns over to Nika) Yo Nika bring me in please! Has he got a brother???


Esperanza: Oh my days!!! Are you kidding me!??? Are you guys really smoking when my daughter’s there??!

Liyah: But Soraya’s not even with us though

Esperanza: Shut the f**k up man, it was your idea init, thats all you do, smoke weed everyday, ain’t got sh*t else to do, and all Nika will do is just follow you like a dog.

Nika: Ay man, don’t be coming up here and taking shots at me, I’m doing you a favour mate, I’m spending my friday night looking after Soraya, so all you should be doing it thanking me.

Esperanza: Yeah Nika thank you for looking after Soraya, and thank you for possibly getting my baby high! You know what yeah just bring out my baby, You’re lucky we’re cousins, ‘coz you know me and what I can do….D*ckheads!