In celebration of 2000 followers, I wanted to make this psd pack for my followers. This pack consists of 5 psds that i’ve been using on all my edits recently and there my favorite psds i’ve made. These psds mean everything to me, so please be considerate to like the post before downloading. ~Thank you and enjoy!


Psd 01 by ejnniferlawrence;

  • this psd is my baby, so if you don’t like the post I will delete the psd and never post a psd again; download [2]
  • i have set up two colors in my psd; cyan and red; you use the one you like better to your liking
  • the psd(s) works perfect on every single picture in the world, so remember: if you don’t like the post i i will delete the psd and NEVER post a psd again. LIKE EVER.
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#GoodEnough my first single dropping July 4th, 2014 here is a sneak peak at what you can expect off the Mixtape! #mixtape #music #christianAlexzander #newmusic #NewR&B

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NEW SINGLE!! OUT NOW !! FREE ALBUM COMING!!! Download link in bio #Showoff #NewR&B #letsgo @goodtimers @classiklevine

@h_dva_o @chr_renaissance 😉 “☑ Сегодня ► ГРУППА H2O (TURBOMODA)
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