Nick Lang read the comments on Ani and is pretty sad about them...

YouTube comments are never exactly a happy place,  and the comments on Ani: A Parody are no exception. While a lot of the comments are positive, there are some negative ones. A few of them are downright mean. Unfortunately, last night, Nick tweeted the following:

 He then decided to “join the party” and post his own comment on Ani.

Ouch. You can feel how much he is hurting. This honestly broke my heart.

Nick is the kind of guy that has trouble accepting compliments and tends to linger over insults, so I am sure this will stay with him for a long while. If StarKid ever stops putting their shows on YouTube, it will probably be because of incidences like this. I know some people feel like it is their “duty” to tell StarKid what they believe is wrong with their shows (I disagree, but that’s beside the point), but there is a difference between politely explaining things you would prefer to see and insulting their hard work (or them personally).

I wish I could say something to make this better, but I can’t. This is why we admins are careful about what kind of confessions we post. People get mad at us for censoring confessions or “only posting positive ones,” but there is no way we ever want to be responsible for hurting a single member of Team StarKid.

You think what you say on the internet is no big deal – and it isn’t always – but sometimes it really is.

Found this gem in a used bookstore! • /r/sailormoon
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Hey everyone! I don’t know how many of you are on Reddit but this post came up, and someone was very kind and added a .pdf copy of this book in the comments! It’s a Canadian-made book that works with the North American dub, mostly, but discusses the context of the original as well, and explains the differences between.

I’m still new to DND myself but I would love to organize a campaign - but even if you’re not interested I think this is a really cool obscure piece of merch to have! You can play as a set senshi, a descendant, your own original character, whatever you’d like - and yes there is a “knight” class for those who want to be Tuxedo Mask types! :3 Spread the word that this exists, and also, if you’d like to be part of an online campaign with me chat with me on my personal blog, suitephish-dream!

- Ayu


“Our last performance, 3:30p CST, will be live streamed and will stayed up for all of Sunday night! So don’t miss it!“

That’s about 3.5 hours from, now! 1:30pm in California, 4:30pm in New York, 9:30pm in London!

Pretty Cure

Two unsuspecting girls become Defenders of the Light and battle the forces of evil.

Hey friends! It’s just been brought to my attention that the original Futariwa PreCure is now available (subtitled) on Hulu!

If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend it! :3

- Ayu


My deepest addiction

Dance ( @ flame-megaman)

The hot desert days rolled on as Model F continued his observations of his biomatch. Observations being that right now, the biometal of the flame did not trust Atlas as much as he knew she trusted him.

It was a carefully concealed secret that he protected in his mind with so many others.

But trust, and how they met was a situation that Fefnir chose not to focus on. For several months now, he had merely enjoyed spending time getting to know the woman who used his powers, now, hopefully, for good. Right now as she prepared food for herself, the floating rock so to speak was currently fooling around with the remote control for the television.

He flicked through the channels one by one with one of the gold protrusions on the base of his small form. Inwardly, he wondered if he could somehow project himself in order to give himself better, working limbs such as his arms so that he could do more instead of float around.

While he had consented to being turned into a biometal, it was not without it’s drawbacks, and it was somewhat depressing to think about when he thought about what he had been compared to what he was now.

No matter. Those were the cards he had been dealt, and the cards he would deal with until such time as his duty to the world was done.

Fefnir watched with curiosity as the TV played back the day’s news, along with the recent Maverick outbreaks and the news on the government. Clicking the arrow button, it turned into a show about food. Holding no interest in such things, he changed the channel once more.

This time, it landed on a dancing show. Fefnir, of course, had danced on his own before in the Temple of Flame, as he found it not a lot different from fighting. It helped to focus his fire powers when he was a newly built reploid and channel them, as well as teach him agility to aid his great strength.

Thus, he floated up and in front of the TV as he watched the male and female waltz around the screen, and he went still in the air as he focused on the riveting dance number. He had never once thought of doing a dance with someone else.

How beautiful.

And thus, there he stayed, dead still in the air in the middle of the lounge room, watching the TV.

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To the Anon who said she wanted to be a magical girl so that people may care about her: You already are one, sweetie. All of us are. I can say from the bottom of my heart, with not one ounce of doubt, that you and every single other person is magical in their own way, and that people DO care about you. You just have to be YOURSELF to be Magical. Just be happy. Good luck honey, and everyone who reads this. I hope you all can know just how amazing and magical you truly are. C8

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NAC: A girl that saw TFIOS saw a "Joey Richter" in the credits, and asked Joey if it was him. IT WAS. JOEY IS IN THE TFIOS MOVIE. it's probably just an ensemble but HE IS IN THE MOVIE I MEAN, OUR BABY IS ON TFIOS!!

Joey did ADR for “The Fault In Our Stars,” which I believe means he did some voice dubbing in post production. So though we won’t see him, his voice is somewhere in there!