Cover and jacket illustrations from Colis Records’ 25th Anniversary Doujin Album MegaMusicMix [R-25th Arrange CD].

Cover and design credit goes to Hi-GO!, and in order of post, Illustrations from: ガしガし (Gashigashi), きんにく (muscle), アオサ (Sea Lettuce), 焔すばる (Flame Subaru), ててん (teten), 補欠 (Substitute), 宮田 (Miyata)

In terms of pure musical variety, I think it barely eeks out over Mega Xross Mixx as my fave Colis album. ‘Course, who wouldn’t prefer 2-disc, 30-some track albums? From my embedded player on my page, you can already rock out to the awesome EXE Transmission version of Shadowman.EXE’s WWW stage theme.

A couple others I totally love included a combo of X2′s Zero theme and Hunter vs. Hunter in Symphony for Zero:

And the insane breakneck speed piano on the final half of the track that is layered with the uptempo beats of EXE3′s Main Theme on Black * White:

Scanned from: MegaMusicMix [R-25th Arrange CD], by Colis Records, Circa April 2013

Kis-My-Ft2: Myojo October 2010 (Translation)
  • Kitayama: Tamamori is a really moody person. When he's not in a good mood, he has a really bad attitude, saying "huh?" "ugh," "'m tired," but when he's in a good mood, he's a complete idiot. Walking around saying "Hee-haa!" in a loud voice and stuff (laugh).
  • Tamamori: People often say I'm strange.
  • Kitayama: One of the Mis Snow Man members saw you like that and moved away saying "Isn't that guy an idiot?" (laugh)
  • Tamamori: It's the one who can't be an idiot that's the real idiot!
  • Miyata: Are you justifying being an idiot?