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nu'est reaction when they ask you to be their girlfriend, and you say yes :D thank you~


“Woo-hoo! Yes! Let’s make wonderful memories together!”


“Oh really? Okay… *shy smile*


"Just for saying yes, I’ll give you this cute pose.”

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“Yes!” *proceeds to snuggle up to you* (just replace ren with yourself haha)

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*laughs* Awesome! 

BaekMin in Music Access Today

1. Baekho’s favorite part of Storybook is Minhyun’s part so he asked Minhyun to sing it live (meanwhile staring lovingly at him).

2. Q: Which member do you think is cool? Baekho’s Answer: Minhyun, because when he sung just now, he sounded really good. I’m very proud of him. Minhyun: Thank you Baekho.

3. Baekho: Whenever I shower, I ask Minhyun to get me a towel and he always does!

4. Minhyun’s penalty was to hug Baekho and say “I love you.” He did it once, but Aron said it wasn’t tight enough so they did it again. When Minhyun said “I love you” to Baekho, Baekho said “nado” which means “me too.” :)

5. Minhyun said they hugged so tight, he felt Baekho’s heart beat.

This ship was sailing hard today! :)