FIRST, the character here, aka Mikey Mcsugarplumcutiepie is a character of rebornica, the person who made his headcanon so damn badass and cool that I can’t resist drawing him!!

And also excuses to draw plushies

Anyway, I got a LONG headcanon about Mikey’s plushies since I love lil’ Mikey so much. Rebornica had said once that their headcanon is him spending a lotta money for them, so I got a kinda have an idea of a more detailed headcanon I guess? Here I go.


Freddy is in fact, the rarest plush ever. Freddy got the newest kind of those voiceboxes in dolls you have when you press dolls, and he will sing the Happy, happy theme song of the pizzeria. He is Mikey’s first plush, but Mikey isn’t really going for him, so he doesn’t hold a very special place in Mikey’s heart, despite him being the most popular one aside Chica. Doesn’t mean Mikey doesn’t love him, though.


Chica is more popular with girls, because Chica is the most fluffy adorable little plush you can ever get. Mikey got teased by his friends when he got Chica, but he paid no heed. Chica has a turning knob (???? I don’t know what those things on doll’s backs are where you can turn them and all) and chica will make clicking sounds and flap her wings when it’s turned around. (Is it called clockwork plushies?? Pardon my english :c)


Bonnie isn’t as popular as Freddy or Chica, but is still chased by kids as a collection. Bonnie has no distinctive features, but Mikey likes him because he’s really soft and sometimes he can use the bow to tie him up when Foxy ‘kidnapped’ Bonnie to 'walk him down the plank’


NOW FOXY HERE is Mikey’s favorite. He’s Mikey’s hero. He basically brought him EVERYWHERE. Despite Foxy being the most unpopular than the other plushies thanks for him being the 'bad guy’, he’s not stocked a lot. More to a very unpopular limited edition, but Mikey wants him so badly anyways. The staff eventually gave Mikey a Foxy after he cried because they gave him another Freddy when he wants a Foxy after winning a game. Foxy held a special place in Mikey’s heart. He has a pulley string behind him that makes him talk when pulled (like Woody from Toy’s Story). His line is 'Yarr! Pirates ain’t afraid of anything!’ which really inspired Mikey from a timid kid to someone a bit braver! And maybe why he’s brave and never giving up when he’s bigger, although he forgets

But yeah! Those are my headcanons! Besides, the plushies are cute hurr I would get Foxy too if I could aaaaAA

Thanks for reading!



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