kitties-keeper  asked:

Sorry, I think my ask from last time got lost. I asked what the kids' first words were and what you think Jiro's first word could be...

Must be, I didn’t see it D:

Mikey: Well Rosie said “Ma-ma” first, Kota said “Da-da” and Amy actually said 2 words: “Ma-ma” and “Da-da”! As for the little guy who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us later :)

During sound check they talked about games they’ve been into recently and they talked about a game where you have the “good guys” and one “bad guy” and the good guys have to guess who the bad guy is by asking each other questions. Michael literally said that it is difficult to play the game with few people because calum and him know each other for 13-14 years now and they always can tell if the other person is lying. If this doesn’t prove how married they are I don’t know what will