Mod: a scene you would love to go back to and see as a fly on the wall

Matt: I was thinking about it the other day. There was a scene I loved - I don’t know why I was thinking, may be coz I saw a picture. *Turns to Alex* Do you remember when you shot the Fez? *Alex nods* I don’t know why, it was just quite a happy time.

I was scouring the net to see if there was anything from the Portland Wizard World I had missed, or if anybody had posted a video, and came across a story someone had posted on another forum about Matt and Alex’s autographs.

Apparently Alex was asked to autograph the picture of their first kiss - precisely, this picture:

- and by some odd chance, she decided to sign on ‘Matt’.

When the same picture - along with a bunch of other pictures - was given to Matt to sign, he stopped (he just zoomed through other pictures), and said: ‘ “Now why did Alex sign on top of me? Ugh, you can’t do anything with her”

and proceeded to sign. On top of her.


Alex Kingston and Matt Smith: BLATANT FLIRTING over socks at Salt Lake FanX 2016 (X)