Headcanons: Marauders & Homework


  • Get’s very high grades
  • Doesn’t really tell people
  • Unless the boys have been teasing him
  • Because he used to tell his parents 
  • And we all know how they reacted to him
  • Hint- they weren’t proud
  • But he only got those grades if he did the homework
  • Which he rarely did
  • Never in September
  • Amount of homework he did steadily increased as it got closer to exams
  • But only from like 0/10 to 6/10 lol


  • Almost always scribbled before a lesson
  • On torn up parchment
  • This irritated McGonagall a LOT
  • Often got spills on it
  • Food, ink etc etc
  • It was still high quality work
  • All the knowledge was there
  • Always did DADA homework 
  • Some homework looked neat
  • Because he did it whilst sat next to Lily


  • Always handed in on time
  • But the date’s always neatly written in the right top corner
  • Its usually the date the homework is set
  • It’s all neatly written
  • But sometimes, when he gets excited on a topic, the writing’s messier
  • Teachers always write little notes saying how good his work is
  • A+ to A- (essentially) during full moon


  • Always linked the hwk back to Voldemort