You Suck

Request: are you taking requests? if so can you do a luke text, blurb or imagine where your Canadian and he is coming to see you on break or something. please? also i love you 😘



Guys please stay strong. You all are beautiful and handsom if you’re a boy. You’re worth more than you think and you deserve so much! If nothing’s going okay right now just remember that it does get better. If you want help then you’ll get help you just need to make that big step and tell someone. Guys you’re important and you mean so much! You’re worth so much more than you think. You’re not worthless you’re amazing, funny, beautiful, handsom and so much more. THere are people in the world that are gonna either love or hate you, you just have to find away to deal with it and move on. If you guys need help don’t be afraid to contact me, i’m here for you :)

Stay strong.

He Tries To Teach You How To Play The Guitar

Request: Can you do a thing with Mikey where he tries to teach you guitar but you end up failing and it all ends with cuddles and kisses?? Ily

“I’m so bad,” I groaned as I realized how untalented I was at playing the guitar. Michael offered me a small smile, he had been really patient for the last thirty minutes.

“Try it one more time,” he encouraged me, but I could tell he knew very well that I wouldn’t get the chords.

“I hate this,” I said after I had tried one last time. I angrily gave the guitar to Michael who placed it at its right place. “Don’t even give me that speech about how I can practice and stuff to get better,” I warned him as his eyes met mine once again.

He chuckled, “Such a perfectionist. You’re so mad when you don’t get something right away.”

I pouted and tried to think about something else, but I was still really angry at myself for being so bad at learning how to play the guitar. The worst of all was that I couldn’t blame Michael for being a bad teacher, he actually was an excellent teacher. I was just a really bad student.

His lips dropped a quick kiss on my cheek, causing my eyes to look into his green ones.

“I’m still really mad,” I mumbled. “It looks so easy when you play.”

He placed his hand on my upper arm and shook it slightly. “It’s because I have practiced more than thirty minutes,” he said with an amused smile. I knew he found it amusing how I could get so frustrated over little things like that, but I really couldn’t help myself.

“Whatever,” I sighed as I lowered my gaze. My arms wrapped around his waist, my head against his arm. We were both sitting on a couch at a studio where the boys were working upstairs at the same moment. Michael was on a break, they were recording the other boys. “Am I that bad?” I muttered.

“You’re pretty bad,” he chuckled. Michael wasn’t the one to lie to me, even though in certain circumstances I would like him to lie, just like right now.

“Ugh,” I groaned as he kissed my temple.

“You’re so cute though,” he said as he smiled at me, “you try so hard.”

I hid my face in his chest and groaned.

“Tell me I’m not that bad, please,” I pleaded.

“You’re just good at other things,” he replied. I lifted my head from his chest and saw a smiling Michael. He kissed my pouted lips before he stood up. “We should probably go upstairs now,” he said, he should have been back with the boys for at least a few minutes now.


Luke had spent his entire existence—all eighty-six years of it—making sure that nobody moved into his house. It had been inhabited several times after his death, only to have the families move away less than two months later, claiming there were odd noises in the middle of the night, cackles and shrieks that couldn’t be explained. Things had moved seemingly on their own, and even a few freak accidents had occurred.

Except they hadn’t been accidents. They’d been Luke.

So when you—despite all the tales you’d heard—decided to pack up your apartment and move to this old town in the middle of nowhere, Luke wondered why the hell a sole woman would choose to live in an old Victorian-style house all alone.

He’d only tried to scare you once—before he’d even known who the new owner would be. But as soon as he floated through the wall and caught a glimpse of you unpacking your suitcase in what was once his old room, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Because he’d enjoyed watching the times where you pranced around the house, belting out song lyrics at the top of your lungs. Or watching your body quiver with a low shudder whenever he got a little too close for comfort—which had been an effect he’d had on everyone since he’d died. Luke enjoyed watching you, as creepy as it seemed, and he found himself wishing that you wouldn’t ever contemplate moving away.

And that’s when he knew he was screwed.

For classifiedluke and fivesecsofbummers’ supernatural!5sos blurb night!

Okay, but having a make-out session with Luke could get really fierce and rough, but some days they would just be kind of polar opposite.  Not that the passion ever drops, but he’d just have his hands pressed along your sides, holding you steady as you stayed placed on his waist, your legs spread out over his sides.  The couch was definitely cramped, but neither of you really wanted space when you were too focused on lips staying attached to one another and just kissing. Like the proper kind of long kisses that end in short breaks to inhale and then continue in a steady and slow manner where you could feel the emotions radiating from one another.  Your fingers would be so deep in his locks of blonde, but never gripping, just stroking, maybe a slight tug as a reaction to the glimmering metal on his lip rubbing over your redden lips.  Luke’s thumbs would find themselves in a pattern of relaxed and intense spirals on your hip bone, as he kept kissing you, going in a steady pattern for well over half an hour.  No words were spoken, each of you knowing that your actions did that enough, but Luke couldn’t keep back the explicits raging around softly in his head and a pattern of inner compliments towards you and wondering all the while, “how did I get so lucky?”

anonymous asked:

howdy, can you do a pref where luke find y/n singing and dancing in the kitchen and she gets all embarrassed please :D

So picture you cooking tea for you and Luke tonight. It was ha,f six meaning he would be home in about half an hour. He had been at the studio for the past few weeks recording new music, meaning he was away early in the morning and late-ish at night. Tonight was going to be the earliest he had been home in weeks. The boys got the weekends off, meaning you had planned to do nothing so that he could just chill. Cooking was one of your favourite things to do, and Luke loved it too. The best part was blasting your music and dancing along whilst the oven cooked your meal. Whilst cleaning up, you sang out to you’re favourite song. Everything was finished which left you to dance and sing to your hearts content!

Half way through the song, with the volume at its highest level you were interrupted with a 6ft giggling doofus standing at the door. You being all embarrassed at being caught, you scrambled for the remote to down the volume down. Even though you’s had been together for four years he still managed to get you all flustered.

“You’re home early.” You’d say putting a few plates out on the table.

He would walk over with a smirk playing on his face, standing behind you placing his arms around your waist and nuzzling his face in your neck. “Am I not getting the full show, because I’m pretty sure that song has about a minute left.” He would say, kissing your neck. Making you laugh,

“Shut up, Lukey” You’d reply, smiling up at him. “Now move you’re butt, before the food is burned.”