dating luke would include...

[not sexual!]
well….. a little LOL

- you always waking up to his long body clung to yours
- “good morning princess”
- his morning voice being so HOT
- him groaning when you leave bed
- you looking at him and watch as the sun lit up luke’s back
- brushing your teeth together
- playing music so loud in the house because it was just the two of you
- you being able to wear his shirts and just underwear under
- “is that my shirt?
“you look hot”
- you guys taking turns on who makes breakfast
- neck kisses
- shoulder kisses
- ;-)
- “luke its 8:30 in the morning, don’t even try”
“but baby”
- him pouting would always make you want to kiss his lips which you did
- “i’m on my period”
“periods don’t stop anything but a sentence baby”
“i haTE YOU”
- him always using cheesy pickup lines on you to make you laugh
- literally doing nothing around the house except making out and watching sponge bob
- “babe, we need to clean our room”
- luke picking up your panties from the floor and smirking
- “these are cute”
“thanks, you chose them”
- you grabbing your panties and throwing them in the hamper
- luke throwing his clothes at you because you were in the way of the hamper
- “LUKE”
“oh SHIt sorry baby”
- you both plopping down on your bed and cuddling up with eachother
- “do you love me?”
“of course luke”

Real Bands Save Fans.... We are Dedicated

So freaking proud of this fandom for getting the boys this well deserved award. The boys deserve this award so much. I legit cried when they won this award like it was amazing. Side track a bit although they weren’t there to accept it in person they looked good in the video and Luke looked so award but so cute and they all looked HOT. It was great. Anyway Michael went on to say that we were the best fans in the world and everything. But u want to say that this wouldn’t have happened if the boys weren’t so great and didn’t deserve this so much. Like I appreciate everything they do and everything they do for us. We wouldn’t be a fandom and we wouldn’t have so many friends and gained such a big family if they boys didn’t make this band and didn’t produce the music they do. I’m so excited for new music from them and for future events. I live these boys so much and I love the 5SOSFAM.

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Complained sickness

Summary: You have been touring with 5sos and enjoying every single show your boyfriend Luke, and the rest of the boys, have performed so far. However, the many shows are getting to Luke and are attacking his health.

Wordcount: 504


“I’m sorry.” Luke says hoarsely as he stumbles off stage.
“Come again?” You ask, not sure if he was talking to you or apologizing in general. Knowing Luke, it was probably both.
“Sorry you had to see that.” He clarifies as he coughs in his elbow.
“Nothing to be sorry for, you did amazing.” You try to soothe him as you give him a towel to clean his sweaty face. Even with the heat on stage and the jumper Luke’s wearing he’s not all red and pink as he was when he woke up. Instead a deadly pale colour washes over his features, despite the fact his head shines with sweat.
“I was shit.” Luke contradicts you, his voice almost giving out and you wince sympathetically.
“Hey.” You run your hand down his sweat-soiled back. “The fans know you don’t feel well Luke. And yet you performed on stage and did you very best. Can’t give more than that, right?”
“I guess you’re right.” He sighs and he tiredly wipes his face one more time. “Wait for me while we gonna change, okay?”
“Sure.” You smile at him and watch in one of the hallways, typing away on your phone and trying to formulate a plan in your head to help your poorly boyfriend.
Normally the boys would take quite some band-time after a gig, but you guess they feel like Luke deserves his rest because he comes out earlier than you expected.
“Hey.” You say softly as you stand up from the floor.
“Ey.” He answers back in a whisper. Now the post-gig adrenalin has worn off he looks worse. A bit of colour comes back on his cheeks, but not in a healthy way.
You lead your boyfriend back to the car and drive to your apartment in silence. Luke dozes off and yoi can barely get him inside and into your shared bed.
“Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.” You muse as you lie down on the bed as well and run your hand through his hair.
“What?” Poor Luke sounds so tired and out of it.
“Doing the gig, silly.” You sigh. “Next time I won’t let you do it.”
His eyes crack open and his eyes hold a look that you would describe as scandalized if his eyes weren’t so glassy from the obvious fever. “I can’t let the fans down! I already feel guilty, can’t just cancel stuff.” His harsh coughs fill the room.
“Ugh, and you complained to Ashton about this when he had appenciditis? You’re all the same, hiding sicknesses and walking around with it and refusing to take rest.” You huff.
“That’s different.” Luke mumbles as he snuggles into your chest. “He was, like, dying.”
“It’s basically the same. Just don’t feel guilty for something you can’t control.” You answer but decide to give it a rest as he pouts at you. He’s all messy hair and blue eyes and flushed cheeks. “Fine. Go sleep babe, feel better soon.”
“Mmmh. Love you.” He manages to answer before he’s out like a light.
“Love you too.” You whisper at the sleeping boy in your arms.