louis + fan appreciation
you know, it’s just impossible to understand. I mean, all I can do is try to thank everyone as often as I can, but you feel like you just run out of words. honestly, they are incredible people and also the reason why I felt confident enough to kind of step out of my comfort zone and do some stuff on my own outside of the band, you know, that’s kind of all down to them

calvinrodgers: Louis,

You are a true inspiration and an amazing friend. I cannot even begin to comprehend how strong you have been the past week. I want to vent my endless support to you now and always. The performance on Saturday blew us all away, and you should be incredibly proud!
Remember that you have loyal people surrounding you, and we will always be by your side. Thank you for the adventures you have brought, and for opening up so many people’s eyes. I feel you don’t know how much of a legend you are! Big respect and see you soon brother. The World It Turns No Matter What!