A Case of You
James Blake
A Case of You

A Case of You by James Blake from my Enough Thunder EP. Since its only a six song EP it’s a really high quality record, great dynamics. James Blake is of course covering Joni Mitchell’s hit, and in my opinion he kills it, as the kids say. But he’s not Canadian.

A guy-girl friendship.

It’s fun to have a bestfriend of your opposite gender, it’s fun understanding and matching your likes and dislikes, shenanigans and banters and everything you have. It’s fun doing rare things with them. It’s fun entering their own world and having them as your companion or your partner-in-crimes. It’s crazy hanging out with them and spending your time with them. It’s just that, you have your own worlds but you’re willing to share them the uniqueness of each others dimension. For they can help you in the different things you don’t understand in the girl’s world or in the guy’s world. They can protect you from every other else, and they can be the one who’ll not turn their backs when the world turn its back on you.

You know those records you think “I would love to own that one day, but it’s not gonna happen…”? Well this is one of mine!

I have wanted this album, the first and only album by Jackson C. Frank, for a long time (but can’t afford the frankly crazy prices it makes on eBay) and today, whilst checking my local record store, there it was!

I’m not gonna say what I paid for it, but I will say it was a LOT less than you can get it online for but still enough that I debated whether I should buy it for about an hour. I’m so glad I bought it.

If you don’t know this album, I highly recommend it. Jackson C. Frank is magic. 

So I kind of imagine J. Mo and L.P. being these two hilarious people that joke around a lot in between takes and one day they have an interview together , and it goes something like this:

Interviewer: Is it hard filming the scenes with each other?

J. Mo & L.P.: Do you know hard it is too keep a straight face in front of her?!

Interviewer & audience & fandom & entire world: Yeah, we saw the gay.