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omg dom!tom holland lmao

This has literally been requested more than my nudes

Dom!TomHolland would include

  • Him being a lot more dominant 
  • because Tom would lean a little more to the dominant side during everyday sex 
  • like he wouldn’t be into anything crazy on a daily basis but he wouldn’t be able to stop him self from gripping on to your hair while he fucked you from behind and holding onto your throat while he kissed you
  • dom!tom would come out when he was angry/stressed and he needed to let out some pent up anger
  • like if he had a stressful day while shooting or a director or someone was giving him a hard time he’d come home and take it out on you in a good way 
  • like he’d storm through the door and before you’d be able to say hi he’d have his lips attached to yours
  • and he’d only pull apart to move down to your neck
  • and you’d probably push him off because you’d be in shock
  • and you’d look at him and just ask if he had a bad day
  • and he wouldn’t say anything,he’d just nod and go back to kissing your neck 
  • and you’d be so turned on like the fact that he was being so dominant and the initial shock would have you so wet
  • literally he’d be kissing and sucking on your neck so hard 
  • like there would defiantly be hickies left but he wouldn’t care 
  • like he’d almost be fucking growling and he’d be pulling you against him and he’d be so hard already
  • he’d probably have his hands in your hair and he’d start pulling you down so that you were on your knees and he’d start unbuttoning his pants 
  • and he’d lean down and kiss you and stroke the hair out of your face befor standing up again and pulling himself out of his pants
  • he’d be so hard already and you’d honestly just go to work to ry make him feel better from whatever was stressing him out
  • he’d start bucking into your mouth and it would make you gag but the way he said ‘’right there baby’’ would be enough for you to keep going
  • ugh his hands would be tangled in your hair and he’d be moaning so much
  • he’d pull you up and wipe away the tears that were dripping down your face and he’d kiss you because even when he’s Dom,Tom is still really loving and caring
  • He probably wouldn’t even bother going to the bedroom like he’d push you against the back of the couch and pull your leggings and underwear down and as soon as you stepped out of them he’d be eating you out from behind
  • his hands would be gripping your hips and pushing you back onto his tongue 
  • and honestly he’d have no mercy lol
  • like he’d be giving it his all 
  • and before you knew it you’d be so so close to cumming 
  • but Tom would pull his tongue out and stand up and line himself up to your entrance 
  • he’d probably slap your ass before thrusting into you 
  • and he wouldn’t give you any time to adjust he’d just keep pounding into you from behind 
  • and he’d grab you by your hair so your back was arched and he’d be grunting about how good you felt
  • and you would literally be screaming his name because he was making you feel so good 
  • it honestly wouldn’t take long for both of you to cum like you’d probably cum first and he’d the way you tightened around him and screamed his name would be enough to push him over the edge 
  • and he’d probably cum in you and it would lowkey be really hot
  • and he’d stay in you for a minute while you both caught your breath
  • and then he’d turn you around and kiss you and thank you and he’d start telling you how he had a bad day
  • and the both of you would be so sweaty so you guys would take a long shower together and he’d probably take you while you were in the shower again but this time a lot less hard 

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oh my gosh do one where the reader and Tom get a dog together!!!

Getting a dog with Tom would Include

  • it not happening intentionally 
  • like you guys would have just moved in together and it was nowhere on the agenda for you guys to get a dog together just yet
  • one day you’d be out running errands and you’d get a text from Tom
  • ‘‘babe I just found the cutest puppy ever on the side of the road i’m at the vet now,can I bring him home just for tonight’‘ 
  • you’d be a bit worried because you knew that you’d both get attached to this puppy very easily but you’d text him back ‘’I guess but we can’t keep him’’
  • He’d be home before you and you’d walk in and he’d be sitting on the floor with his back to you and as soon as he turned around you’d see the little bundle of joy in his arms and you’d melt
  • you’d literally drop all your stuff and get down on your knees to say hi to your boyfriend and the cute little black puppy he was holding
  • you’d immediately start cooing at the puppy who’d be trying to get out of Toms arms and into yours
  • it would literally be love at first sight !!!! 
  • ‘‘I thought I’d wait till you get home to name him’‘ 
  • omg you guys would sit on the floor with the puppy for hours trying to name him and then you’d realize that having a dog was a big responsibility and commitment 
  • but Tom would try convince you that you guys needed to keep him and that when he was away doing press stuff you’d have someone to keep you company 
  • And you’d agree when you looked at the two of them giving you puppy dog eyes
  • and you’d probably name him something simple like Frankie
  • wow Tom would be so good with him like he’d want to take him for walks all the time
  • and he’d clean up after him without complaint 
  • and he’d post the cutest picture with ‘’his lil frankie boy’’
  • Literally Tom would be the biggest softie around your dog
  • im crying 

The Lover Boys are a group of ill-moral, jerky boys who dominate New York’s skate scene (or something). I might start a comic of them. 

(Top Right)

This is Snake-eye. He’s 5'9" and an Aquarius. Nobody knows his real name, and no one is really sure what he’s like, but he likes to describe himself as “Chinatown trash.” His parents run a small souvenir shop on Mott, in which they run fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags (and they make a decent living doing it too). If you meet Snake-eye in real life, he’ll probably start the conversation by bragging how he *almost* stole some beanie from that shady “supreme” store in that one Chinatown mall. Snake-eye is the last member of the Lover Boys, so naturally, he’s bullied upon and got forced to get a heart-shaped $100 face tattoo as a show of fraternity. Hey, at least it’s not on his chest.

(Center Left)

This is Mark “Jacobs” King, and no, no one calls him Jacobs. He’s 5'11" (but calls himself 6'2") and a Leo. He is somehow part of the skate team without knowing how to skate; in fact, all of his shoes are Docs. Mark “hates drama” but he’s also the only Lover Boy who starts drama. He also has the habit to calling anyone, even someone he spoke for 6 minutes in sophomore year, his “best friend.” Mark is annoying, petty, and easily bored, but believe it or not, he’s probably the nicest guy in this gang.

(Center Right)

This is Kazuo Wang. He’s 5'11" and a Capricorn. Kazuo is half Japanese and half Chinese, is a vegan, doesn’t smoke (except for herbal cigarettes), and doesn’t drink (except for the wine at art openings). He speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and he also feels like he’s superior to everyone else. He is a “photographer” (according to his tinder profile), which basically means he owns a black-and-white aesthetic Instagram featuring pictures of chain link fences. Kazuo’s neck tattoo was an impulsive decision made in St. Marks, which he got disowned for, but his forearm tattoo is fake (a temporary tattoo reapplied every two days), but he tells everyone it’s real. Kazuo is cold, smart, and a real jerk but he’s probably the most successful on out of the Lover Boys.

(Bottom Left)

This is Tucker “Tuck” Finley. He’s 5'10" and a Pisces. Tuck feels existential dread everyday, but at this point he’s become numb to it. He channels all of his energy into being a music elitist, skating (mediocrely), and writing poetry or songs. He hates the Smiths but he still references their songs – there’s too much caffeine in his bloodstream, and a lack of real spice in his life. Tuck isn’t even that good of a writer, like he still confuses “you’re” and “your.” Tuck is going to major in music and philosophy, so he’s basically learning the art of unemployment.

(Bottom Right)

This is Scott “Scooter” McKinley, he’s an Aries and he’s 5'7". His favorite bands are the Butthole Surfers and the Beastie Boys, and when he goes to college (assuming he if he goes), he wants to be a political science major. Scooter is the type of guy who pretends to go “hard in the motherfucking paint”, but is actually from Park Slope. He started smoking Marlboro Reds as a joke (or for the look) but he might actually be addicted now. As with all short guys, he has a volcanic temper to compensate for his height. He also loves fighting, arguing and feeling like he’s winning (when he may or may not be).