Have you ever had a song you just can’t get outta your head? Like the old MEOW Mix commercial jingle? For whatever reason, it drives you nuts!!!

This scene, is that song in my head. More specifically, Madi’s choice of words during this scene. “If I were a no good pirate.” Especially, understanding how eloquently she normally states her feelings. Calling John “No good” seemed a bit…rude. MY initial reaction and I couldn’t figure out why?! Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow…

However, John’s face during her speech clearly indicates, he is far from offended, in fact he is humbled and shook by her words. His kiss seems almost like a “Thank you” before it starts detonating ovaries everywhere! Now, why is that?

After watching the ending of Black Sails, I now KNOW why. I know what made John love Madi forever. What made him endure the emotional wreckage that was Flint and even find a way to forgive him. Why John felt he COULD have a life with Madi.

Madi’s words were spot on and exactly what John needed to hear. It became the words he just couldn’t get out of his head. The reason he went to Queen Mother. Why he told Flint, her life had to have meaning when he thought Madi dead.

You see, Madi’s words had given him life. A purpose and a place where he could be John Silver. A man worthy of a Princess’ love. Because he was a no good pirate.
John had given Madi the power to ridicule and destroy him. In that bed in that moment. John was more than naked. He’d exposed his true self. His heart. Something he hadn’t done, after years, with ANYONE else. John had divulged everything about himself to her. His ugly past, his unpleasant present and his hopeful future.

Madi, knowing the power of words and doing what she is best at, turned his words around and gave them new meaning “If I were a No Good Pirate, I’d follow you…” Yep, Madi essentially was saying, “I know what and who you are and I love you anyway”. Not rude at all!!

With Madi showing up on the cliff, she held true to her promise. Love Wins. ~PitchingWoo™


Now, see……..Rogers has to go.  Who is that dude that he killed at the beginning of the clip?  I really hope it’s not Kofi.  Madi would be devasted.

And Silver is ready to take over.  He not bout to risk Madi’s life cause Flint’s plan doesn’t work.  No, sir.

I hope Rogers pulls the trigger and kills Billy’s ass.


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