Having Second Thoughts: Part 2

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Lily: Yeah… we’re gonna… we’re gonna be fine… 

Sirius: *stares* Are… are you having a hot flash or something? 

Lily: *doubles over, gasping* 

Lily: *cries out* Oooooh MY GOD!!! THAT FUCKING HURTS!!! 


Lily: GODDAMIT!!! 

Sirius: *stares* ………. *transforms into a dog* 


Sirius: *curls his tail under and whines* 


Sirius: *transforms back* 

Lily: *snarls* James isn’t here you idiot!!! Just… *groans*… Just get me to a hospital! 

Sirius: Apparating’s too dangerous… I’ll fly you to St. Mungo’s! But… WHAT IF YOU HAVE THE KID IN THE AIR!? WHAT IF-

Lily: Just get me there Sirius Black!!! 

*the door opens and James walks in* 

James: *beams* Hello family! *pauses at the sight of Lily strangling Sirius* 

… Er… What’d I miss? 


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Any girls at Hogwarts, Harry? How has James been helpful in the girls department?

James: Call her by her last name… strut a lot. She’ll fall for you eventually. 

Lily: *from the next room* DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR FATHER HARRY!!!

Lily: *pokes her head through the door* I only started to like him when he STOPPED doing all of that crap. 

James: Harsh. 

Having Second Thoughts: Part 1

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer )) 

Lily: James and I can’t raise a kid in this mess! Merlin… we’re still trying to raise ourselves! And with Death Eaters everywhere…*takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself* I’m scared Sirius. I’m really scared.

Sirius: I’ll give you that. 

Lily: *sighs* Can you be serious for like… two seconds?

Sirius: *grins*

Lily: *eyes widen*… So help me Sirius Black… if you say one word I will unleash eight months-and-twenty-seven days worth of rage on your arse. 

Sirius: *raises hands in defeat* Alright alright, anyway, all I’m saying is I agree… times are hard right now… 

Sirius: If you’d based your decision on whether or not something shitty was happening in the world, you’d never have a kid.

Lily: James is just… distracting… and well… shit- 

Lily: I don’t know how to do this! I don’t know how to be a mom… Jesus, I barely know how to toast bread without burning it! 

Lily: I know it. He’s a royal cock up. That idiot messes everything up! *begins to hyperventilate*

Sirius: *laughs* Lily! 

Sirius: You’re just psyching yourself out. 

Sirius: You’re going to be an amazing parent. 

Lily: *continues rambling* I’m 20 years old. I’m a kid… with a kid inside of me!

Lily: It was always “Evans this” and “Evans that,” well now look at where we are, James Potter! Look at what you did to me!

Sirius: *snorts*

Lily: Now I’m gonna have him throwing our baby on a broom before he can hold his head up. And you! You’ll be taking him for rides on that…*mumbles* admittedly cool, but extremely dangerous motorbike… and then Peter’s going to drop him… and Remus is going to be my midwife!

Lily: *glares* Sirius. 

Sirius: But I’m telling you Lily… everything is going to be fine. It will be wild and crazy and dysfunctional, but I don’t think there will be a kid in the world who is more loved than your son.

Sirius: … This war isn’t going to last forever.  

To Be Continued

1101. In Harry's cupboard, Petunia buried Lily's journal under a floorboard in hopes that Harry would find it. Harry returned to Four Privet Drive the day after the war and tripped over a floorboard in his cupboard. Digging it up, Harry burst into tears as he read his mother's entries from when she was eleven to seventeen.