Just Friends: Part 4

(( OOC: Lily Evans played by: @potterdeer )) 

*The halls are dim and everything is quiet as James and Lily make their rounds, giggling and chatting in not-so-hushed tones*

James: *smirks* And you bet I did. *swoons* Minnie’s the love of my life! 

Lily: …And where did you get those snapping toffees?

Lily: You don’t call Marlene by her last name….or- 

James: It’s a… term of endearment. 

Lily: You looked like you were having a lot of fun.

James: *shocked* …. You… 

Lily: *quickly changes topics* 

Lily: *smirks* You both have a pension for trouble.

James: *laughs* 

Lily: We’re mates right? You can talk to me about that stuff…

James: Besides… talking about “that stuff” with you… is kind of weird.

James: I’m clearly not picking up what you’re putting down, so could you maybe simplify this for me… ? *smirks*  Pretend I’m a toddler, use small words. 

Lily: I really, really like you… I’m sorry.

James: *quietly* … What are you trying to say Lily?

Lily: Not anymore.

James: *studies Lily’s earnest face* *struggles to contain himself* 

Lily: *laughs in frustration*  

Lily: *turns around and starts heading down the hall*

Lily: *stares down at their laced fingers* 



Aug 28th

Time can bring you down, but only you can shatter yourself for sure.

This is Lily Possum from the webcomic “Poppy O'Possum” http://www.poppy-opossum.com/ created by Morbi. And this image is based on a moment from the Mightiest Beast arc.

My favourite parts are definitely the shattering and the clock handles, mostly because of their positioning.

I had fun working on this fanart traditional piece.

Go and read Poppy, it’s great!

Just Friends: Part 3

(( OOC: Lily Evans played by: @potterdeer 

Emmeline Vance played by: @ohtheclevernessofme1972 

Dorcas Meadowes played by: @askdorcasmeadowes ))

James: So it was really you who hexed Mulciber’s boxers? 

Emmeline: If I say yes… you can’t tell anyone.  

James: I got blamed for that you know. 

Emmeline: *grins* Hey, you’re used to detention. What’s one more? *winks* 

James: That’s cold Vance. 

Emmeline: *smirks* Guess I’m just making up for all the times you haven’t been caught, Mr. Head Boy.  

James: *Laughs* Woooow! You’re something else.

James: Hey… thanks for coming out with me. I’m having a lot of fun. 

Emmeline: … Me too. 

*the door opens and Lily and Dorcas enter the Three Broomsticks, making their way over to a table across the room from James*

Lily: Then he looks at me like this…

Dorcas: Oh my god… no he didn’t. 

Lily: Of course he did. To which I responded… 

Dorcas: *laughs* Oh Merlin. You’re such a dweeb. 

Lily: *grins and turns to glance around the room*

Dorcas: *notices the change in Lily’s demeanor and glances up* 

Dorcas: Shit… *reaches out and grabs Lily’s arm*

Lily: *clears throat* I’m not worrie-

Dorcas: We’re just hanging out as friends, they’re hanging out as friends-

Lily: Dorcas, I’m fine, I- 

Lily: Great… 

Dorcas: Marlene and I… we’re friends! *pause* Just friends.

Dorcas: *long, awkward pause* Nevermind, just-

Dorcas: Of course you’re not into him what am I saying? *laughs nervously* 

Dorcas: Oh my god, you’re into him. 

Lily: What? No! We’re just friends.

Dorcas: Right…. “friends.” 

Dorcas: Friends… Like Marlene and I. 

Lily: *quietly groans and turns, facing away from James* ……… *casually* W-what are they doing? 

Dorcas: Just… y’know… drinking butterbeer. Nice and friendly- OH MY GOD!

Lily: What!? *whirls around* 

Dorcas: Wow… hugging. 

Lily: *struggling to act nonchalant* 

Lily: *stops the waiter* Check please. 

To Be Continued