My waifu arrived yesterday i’m so happyyyyyyy
It’s the ice Lily version :D I got it for around 22€ on amazon.com (it’s actually cheaper than that but i live in europe so I had to pay the shipping fees too xD)
The figure arrived pretty fast,considering that the website actually stated that it would arrive between march 31st and april 18th. Box and figure were in a really good condition. The figure can’t exactly be called ‘premium’ quality I guess,since the hair and other parts have certain 'marks’ or seams where it looks like the parts are glued together and some parts aren’t painted 'perfectly’,but it’s not really visible unless you take a close look at it -w- Other than that there are no problems and she looks very pretty~ Here is a link if anybody wants to check it out

Please note that I don’t have any experience with buying figurines since I also don’t have any plans to get more (I just really love Lily lol) but I hope this is helpful?

Surprise, It’s A Baby! 

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Remus: *rolls eyes* It doesn’t have to be Christmas to have a party. *awkward pause* … But in all seriousness Lily… 

Lily: Well… *turns to James* 

Lily: And… er…I’m glad you’re sitting down. *pauses, fidgeting nervously*  … Mind handing me your wand?

Sirius: … Well that’s… interesting?

Lily: Thank you… *takes a deep breath* … James… 

James: *stutters* Oh… oh my god! 

Lily: Well… Yes… But- Merlin, how do I say this?

Lily: There’s a father… for this baby… 

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