clipping. europe tour

I would like to say thank you for the digital answer, you’re so wonderful and doing such a good job with this blog, I truly appreciate you for it <3
May I ask, how long dose the show goona be from your experience and knowledge? The one I’m attending is in a very samll bar-club place, and I wonder-do shows usually start at the time writing on the ticket? als I looked in the facebook page event of the show, and in a post made by the bar-club place they were saying the show will be from 20:30 pm - 02:30 am. Is it really going to be a 6 house show?
How does meeting Daveed, Bill and Jonathan happened, after the show? Do they usually finished the show and just stay to hangout? or should I leave the club place and wait outside? Is it ok to simply approached them when seeing them?
Forgive me if my questions are foolish, I’m a very stressed person and any pre-info I can have will do a gret help with me. xx

  • Set length: Again, will depend on the venue, but most likely will be around an hour long.
  • Start time: Errr, depends. I’m assuming this is a Europe show? As I’ve never been (one day!), I don’t know if things are different there. But take NYC, for example. If it’s a big, popular, more established, straight concert venue (think MSG, Irving Plaza, etc), the show will start relatively on time. Smaller venues that’s more like a club (which is what they tend to play) probably won’t. Hell, at The Knitting Factory, doors OPENED over an hour after they said they would. But that brings us to the next question…
  • Show length: Yes, it will probably be as long as the FB page lists it; in fact, that’s probably your most accurate guide, as they know how long their stuff generally runs. And Clipping. tends to play LATE, so this is common for them. Definitely look into it as much as you, see if you can get a general sense. My guess is the door time (which may run late) is what they have listed as their start time. Generally, a show will start an hour after door time. Then there are probably opening acts; see if you can find out how many. Assume each of their sets will be anywhere from 30-60 minutes, with 20-30 minutes of time in between for the next band to set up.
  • Meeting: It just kind of *happens.* It’s casual; this isn’t a set-up meet & greet or a theatre stage door. Again, it will depend on the club: see if you can do some research on the particular club, if people tend to hang out inside the venue (like a bar-venue) or if they hang around outside. Like I said before, they manned their own merch table; that’s a nice, easy way to say hi. Scope out where the merch is and see if you can head there when their set is done. Saying “hi, awesome show!” is never unwanted, but buy a shirt or a CD if you’re nervous as hell to approach them; that gives you a nice opening to initiate a conversation. If only one of them is there, and say, you want everyone to sign your CD, ask that person if they can and then perhaps ask if you hang around, if the others are coming out. If you’re ushered out of the venue instead, stick around outside; I’m sure others will be doing the same. Make friends while you wait. Hell, make friends while you wait for the doors to open, during the set changes while you’re inside… Stick together, help each other out…

Remember, all this: the show, meeting them if possible… It’s all casual! I personally like to research beforehand (find pictures of the venue, the inside, what it’s like, if things run on time, if there’s a bar, if it has a curfew, etc); it makes me feel more prepared. That way, I can relax day or and go with the flow of whatever happens. 

Try not to stress; the main thing is to have fun!

Put A Ring On It: Part 1

(( OOC: Lily played by @potterdeer​ ))

James: *on one knee in front of Lily, visibly trembling*

Lily: J-James?

James: … Marry me.

Lily: …….. James…

Lily: NOW???

Lily: We just barely got out of school! Merlin, you can’t even grow a full beard yet!

James: Well… technically-

Lily: That stubble does not count.

Lily: Because then I’d be…

… I’d be… Lily Potter.

*takes a deep breath* This is crazy… absolutely mad.

Lily: God help me

Lily: I love you, James Potter… and I think you’re absolutely insane…

But I guess… so am I.

… Yes.

Lily: *laughs* Yes… you absolute lunatic. *grins* One hundred thousand yes’s.

James: *reaches out and places the ring on Lily’s outstretched hand*

James: Lily… soon-to-be-Potter… Evans.

To Be Continued

Put A Ring On It: Part 3

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Sirius: You’re getting married, not fighting a goddam Horntail. 

Lily: *steps around the corner as music starts playing softly* *takes a deep breath* *begins walking towards James, wobbling slightly on her heels* 

Lily: *wobbles again, cursing at her heels* Ugh…hi. 

James: *stares*

Lily: … You look- *catches breath* … really good in a suit.

James: Lily… *stops, his voice faltering* 

James: … Merlin…

Lily: *breathless* Thank you… 

I thought I’d be scared standing here… but I’m not… I’m so happy James, being here with you.

James: *smirks teasingly* 

Lily: That better be a promise, James Potter. 

James: It’s a promise… Lily Potter. 

Lily: I like the sound of that… Lily Potter. 

*the small crowd cheers loudly as James dips Lily into a dramatic kiss* 

Lily: Still the best snog at Hogwarts. 

To Be Continued

Put A Ring On It: Part 2

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer​ ))

Lily: *heart attempting to beat out of her chest* 

*Groom’s Dressing Room*

Sirius: Would you stop fidgeting you nutcase?

James: It looks terrible.

Remus: Sirius…

*Bride’s Dressing Room*

Lily: What if he doesn’t like the dress? 

Lily: *panics* I knew I should have picked the other one! 

*Groom’s Dressing Room* 

Sirius: Drama queen. 

James: *slugs Sirius in the arm* 

Sirius: Alright, focus. 

Peter: *mumbles* They married yet?

*Bride’s Dressing Room* 

Lily: *starts pacing* *mumbles to herself* I’m going to trip in these shoes… I’ll end up breaking my ankle and James will be waiting there forever, because it’s not like he’s going anywhere…


W-what if he gets scared and runs? *shakes head firmly* No-no, he won’t leave… He’s James Potter for heaven’s sake. Stop psyching yourself out Lily… 

… And stop talking to yourself. 

*Groom’s Dressing Room* 

Remus: The girl of your dreams… and the least shallow person we know. *grins* She wouldn’t care if you came walking out in a potato sack. 

Sirius: Before Peter dies of boredom.

To Be Continued

just realised I never posted my jensen photo op! he was so so lovely and smelled amazing. i was super nervous and when it was my turn had got myself in such a state that i like couldn’t move towards him! but the handler guided me to him and i was like ‘i’m so sorry’ and he goes ‘that’s okay, here’ and he pulled me in for a hug and i just stuttered ‘thank you so much’ and he goes ‘you’re welcome sweetheart’ and just gives me the biggest smile and lets me go. Then later on in the autos he saw the picture and was like ‘hey sweetheart!’ again and he gives me another huge smile and a wink. it’s funny even in the small things these boys do they manage make people feel so special and appreciated, i think that’s why i love them so much.