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Do you think Lily should have stayed friends with Severus? I mean, no matter how true or false this impression was, from her point of view he surrounded himself by people who were practicing 'dark magic', seemed to have bigoted beliefs (even if some did not, i am sure many Slytherins did in those troubled times), and some of who expressed some desire to join Voldy after school. If you were Lily, a muggleborn during Voldemort's first rise to power, would you stay friends with him?

I think, from the snapshots we saw, Lily’s position in canon was untenable.

It’s a little difficult to discuss in a satisfactory manner, because we are missing so much information.  There is an incongruity between Severus’ depth of feeling for Lily, and his move to become a Death Eater.  We don’t know a lot about Death Eater rhetoric - and it’s fair to present a stance that might suggest a world where Voldemort ruled but Lily was accepted (see Hagrid’s statement to Harry in PS).  

With that in mind, perhaps Severus thought he could have it all; be a Death Eater and be friends with a Muggleborn - we really don’t know a lot about his thought processes and what he was attempting to achieve.  Maybe he didn’t even intend to be a Death Eater - he was a friendless kid who just went along with the mantra of his house because being aligned to someone/something was better than nothing, who knows.  (We’ve explored a lot before about how there aren’t many other paths credibly open to him.)  I must admit, I struggle with the common belief that he was trying to have it all knowing that Lily wouldn’t be welcomed into his world.  For all his faults, he’s not a stupid boy.

But most importantly, we know little about their friendship - we don’t know how often they socialise, what they speak about, how they behave towards each other.  I’ve posted before about how Lily isn’t really Severus’ ‘best friend’ by that point in fifth year, despite her assurances to the contrary - so the question is, when did that change occur?  Were they ever best friends?  Was it a recent change, due to his behaviour?  Or was it long coming, and set in motion from Cokeworth?  

The crux is, as canon stands, Lily was completely correct to distance herself from him.  It’s obvious to the reader that she delivers him an ultimatum, but he doesn’t register it / understand it, and continues upon his path.  When she breaks things off with him, he’s blindsided because he doesn’t really think that what he’s done is irreparable - but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the correct course of action for Lily.

Stepping away from canon, it would be interesting to know if/when their relationship shifted - and if there was any way of salvaging their friendship.  Would Severus have responded in the way Lily wanted him to if she’d not hinted, but explicitly said, “If you keep aspiring to be a Death Eater, we’re over.” - would that ultimatum cause him to change his course?

So to answer your question, no, of course not.  Severus was not Lily’s obligation, nor was she his therapist, and she did not hold any responsibility for him.  She was not even his moral guide - she did not have to tell him when he was out of line, and convince him to behave in a more acceptable way.  She judged him on his behaviour and decided she wanted no more of it.  That is absolutely fine and understandable.

I would suggest that there is an interesting discussion to be had about the depth of their friendship, and whether a best friend would’ve intervened sooner - before it got to the point where continuing as friends wasn’t an option.  I think that’s what these discussions usually come back to - it’s never a critique of Lily’s final decision, but instead scrutiny of what exactly their friendship entailed…because it really doesn’t sit together in a satisfactory way.

The bit that always breaks my heart is that Severus’ later depth of feeling for Lily rather suggests that she was one of the most important people in his life - and yet, I never quite feel the same is true for Lily.  You asked me if I would stay friends with him if I was in Lily’s shoes…and really, the point is, I would never have let my friendship get to that stage with him.

New Phone, Who Dis?: Part 2

(( Lily played by: @redhairforreasons, Petunia and script by: @babysusan88​ )) 

James: *sweats as Petunia’s furious gaze sears a hole through his soul* Um… Well… 

Petunia: *sniffs haughtily* So now it’s mine. 

Lily: *flinches and sighs, rounding on James* 

James: *shifts awkwardly from foot to foot, attempting to settle his face into an expression of innocence… and failing* I was thinking that I missed you?

Lily: *deadpans* So… you snuck into my house-

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