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[ S P O I L E R ALERT! Olivia will be getting out and reentering society sometime this week! As such, I’m looking for more RP on her c: ]

What I’m Looking For: Storylines/progression RP in any form - friendships, hateships, romantic ships, etc. Holy and Dark/Crime RP. RP where she can use her healing abilities. Apprenticeships (for her to take someone on, not vise versa). I’m up for anything, really!

Fandom: World of Warcraft.

Sole Faction or Cross-Faction: Sole. Possibly soon to be cross-faction!

Faction I Play: Alliance.

Server: Wyrmrest Accord.

Venues I Actively Roleplay In: In-game as well as via discord & skype. Tumblr RP isn’t really my thing but I can give it a go if that’s the only option. - Feel free to ask for my usernames.

Favorite Type of RP: Anything I posted in the first “What I’m Looking For.”

Triggers: Spiders. Don’t bring that around me. That’s all. Communication is key~

Things I Will Not RP: There’s very little if at all anything that I won’t RP. Except spiders. I can’t RP stuff with spiders in it. :c

RP Strong Points: I like to believe I’m a decent writer. I’m always hyped about RP and discussing storylines. Olivia is a very adaptable character. I can mirror RP length/content, or so I like to think! I’m best at smaller groups.

RP Weak Points: My availability can kinda suck sometimes due to my work schedule during the week. I don’t like participating in DMed events with large groups of people. I can be slow on platforms outside of in-game RP.

IC Information below. ~

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stevengerrardXabi you are pure quality . A class act on the pitch and a gentlemen off it . It was a pleasure to play alongside you and I missed you every day from the moment you left the reds . Congratulations on your perfect career and good luck to you and your family In the future . #legend 👌🏻👍❤️ @xabialonso