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leos never quite forget the world and person they dreamed of becoming as children. even for their monstrous self doubts, there is an inherent sense of pride and spirit for achievement in the leo. it’s like they are always writing a letter to their inner child, promising them for better. leo’s cease to truly exist when they stop listening to the music of that little child’s heartbeat inside

the way the signs make me feel
  • aries:happy. i'm always laughing and because of that i feel like the memories i make with you are ones i'll remember.
  • taurus:content. sitting next to each other on the bus in silence is just fine for us, i'll offer a headphone and we'll nod our heads to the same beat.
  • gemini:uncontrollable. my head wasn't made for this kind of disorder and neither was yours but the scattered papers on the kitchen table and the way we laugh wildly when a car rushes too fast just past our noses suggests otherwise.
  • cancer:unfamiliar. i find myself saying things i wouldn't normally say and doing things i wouldn't normally do. i don't know if you've put some sort of spell on me or if i've been like this all along.
  • leo:appreciated. you tell me the things i write are better than i think and i always feel like i'm where im supposed to be when im by your side.
  • virgo:relieved. when i'm around you its like my stress just dissapears on the exhale like it should, and i finally understand what real life is supposed to feel like.
  • libra:poetic. i want to recite poems with excessive rhymes and alliteration and match my rhythms to the beat of your heartbeat and make a world for us out of metaphors.
  • scorpio:loved. you always know how to make every star in even the blackest sky to become as bright as the sun and set a smile on my face as soon as you walk through the door.
  • sagittarius:excited. a big wide smile always rests on my face when you're around and i feel like i could take on the world if i took a big enough step hand in hand with you.
  • capricorn:collected. i was the down to your up and the mess that you ever so loved to clean up. i was organized by color, shape, and size when i was around you and no problem
  • aquarius:confused. sometimes i forget you're not as happy or as strong as you'd like to seem. you're disconnected and i just want to find a way to light up your smile again whenever i find you spacing out.
  • pisces:understood. i knew i could tell you anything without bias or judgement. you dreamed a house in the clouds for me where we'd drift away and pretend the past doesn't hurt us like we know it does.
Signs as Undertale characters
  • Aries:Undyne
  • Taurus:Muffet
  • Gemini:Sans
  • Cancer:Toriel
  • Leo:Mettaton (EX mostly)
  • Virgo:Dr. Alphys
  • Libra:Asgore
  • Scorpio:Flowey or Toriel depends on which type of scorpio you are tbh
  • Sagittarius:Frisk
  • Capricorn:Papyrus
  • Aquarius:Napstablook
  • Pisces:Asriel
Los signos siendo escritores.

escribe sin parar pero no lo comparte con nadie: escorpio, capricornio, leo

a penas escribe cinco palabras y ya se da por vencido: acuario, aries, géminis

escriben nueve libros en diez días: virgo, tauro, sagitario

en un constante estado de bloqueo: cáncer, piscis, libra